UNA junior strives to lead a sustainable life


Meet Andy Thompson. Thompson is a junior at the University of North Alabama, who is majoring in social work.

Jonathan Hatchett, Staff Writer

 Hatchett: What is your name? 

Thompson: My name is Andy Thompson.

Hatchett: What is your major? 

Thompson: I’m currently a Social Work Major. 

Hatchett: What year are you? 

Thompson: I’m currently a junior.

Hatchett: Where are you from? 

Thompson: I was raised in Madison, AL, just outside Huntsville. 

Hatchett: What fraternity are you a part of? 

Thompson: I am a member of Lambda Sigma Phi.

Hatchett: What do you like to do?

Thompson: I enjoy a number of hobbies such as hiking, rock climbing, guitar and listening to lots of music. 

Hatchett: Why do you like doing these particular hobbies so much?

Thompson: I engage in these hobbies because I believe it’s important to be active and lead a sustainable lifestyle, so I find that having hobbies that exercise my body, mind and creativeness help me feel healthy and content with myself.

Hatchett: What is something interesting about you? 

Thompson: An interesting fact about me is that I was born in Orenburg, Russia, and adopted at the age of 2.

Hatchett: Why are you at UNA? 

Thompson: I chose to attend UNA for its proximity to home and because I enjoy its smaller, more personable atmosphere.

Hatchett: What are some favorite things of yours? 

Thompson: Some favorite things of mine are first and foremost my faith, my friendships and family, my dog (Ollie), my guitars, and of course getting to go out on spontaneous hikes here and there. 

Hatchett: What do you hope to accomplish in life?

Thompson: Professionally, I hope to open up a private practice as a social worker in the adoption field. As an adopted person myself, I feel there would be great satisfaction in getting to work with clients from similar backgrounds and helping maximize the developmental potential of young children.