NBA gets set for 2021 season

Zane Turner, Volunteer Writer

 With the coronavirus delaying the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs, a substantial amount of time questions were raised about when the new season would start. 

With the NBA Finals only concluding a little over a month ago, there seems to be a new start date on the horizon as the NBA is set to start on December twenty second. This only gives NBA players a limited time to rest before starting a seventy two game season filled to the brim with hard fought games, taking a toll on the players body. 

Some players such as Lebron James spend millions of dollars a year on rehab and physical therapy to keep their body running at top speed, but some players don’t have that luxury. For the players that tend to be plagued by injury this could be devastating as they don’t have those months off to calm their bodies down from the nonstop action that is the NBA season. 

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) has expressed its disinterest in this start date but sadly it is inescapable as to oblige with television deal dates, and certain contract negotiations with other companies the season has to be resumed to its normal dates. The NBPA also agreed for the players that have not played since the league was suspended due to the coronavirus, these players have had an extended offseason and could potentially damage their careers if they are not back on the court soon. 

The president of NBA operations Adam Silver has been a perfect example of how a sports league president should monitor and operate day to day operations during the COVID pandemic. This bolstered zero cases in the entire bubble playoffs and ten games inside the bubble. The players were regularly tested, and those caught leaving the bubble were promptly isolated and tested for two weeks before being allowed playing time in the bubble. 

It was a grueling schedule as players were not allowed the normal rehab facilities provided by their homes and teams, but instead had to deal with the off brand tactics provided by the trainers and medical staff brought by their respective teams. 

However, one new addition that may come with this new season is the implementation of the new midseason tournament, which would provide either cash prize or a raise in the playoff standings for the winners. This would almost be a midseason playoff except without the trophy and it may be only between conferences. This would also provide a break in the season for players and teams to gather themselves for the later part of the season where teams tend to pick up the pace and show their true playoff potential. In addition to this, it would also show off what their playoff form could look like and give a better idea who could struggle on the big stage and who doesn’t. This would also be a good time for the teams less likely to get the playoff experience to put in rookies and give them more experience to help them grow as this would not count towards regular season standings. 

However, this has not been confirmed but there has been many rumors and even talks from the commissioner himself on the subject. This shorter offseason also means the trade window is very slim and teams will not have time to wait out trades and player’s injuries and instead have to make quick moves in the offseason. 

Many coaches have already moved teams and that has promoted trade rumors as only certain players will play with their respective coaches. Also, coaches may not coach players the way they enjoy which could mean trade demands and potential in-team drama. 

This may not be good for teams that went deep in the bubble playoffs, but it is great for the league and leagues viewers because viewers will get their regularly scheduled games, and the league will continue to make money to pay its players. 

Either way no matter who agrees and doesn’t the NBA season will continue on December twenty second and will have a shorter seventy two game season. 

As to whether it will be in the bubble or what will happen over the course of the season only time can tell.