HRL implements new policy


Alex Hopper, Staff Writer

UNA Housing and Residence Life has implemented an updated visitation policy, effective beginning Oct. 29. 

The updates are as follows: only UNA students can be guests in residence halls, there can only be one guest per resident in any given location, visitation is only permitted from 10am-12am, no overnight guests are permitted and apartment residents may only have overnight guests up to three nights in any 30 day period. 

“Our plan was to review all COVID-19 related policies mid-semester,” said Jennifer Sutton, director of HRL. “Then modify based on all data from the university and local community.”

HRL also sought guidance from various local health professionals and organizations.  

“HRL’s visitation policy is very comparable to that of most universities throughout Alabama,” said Sutton. “And will continue to follow the recommended guidelines.”

Sutton said she expects the residents to hold themselves and their peers accountable for university and residential policies. 

But there are trained staff within every residential community that are charged with educating and enforcing these policies as well. 

“We are confident that our residents appreciate the opportunity to engage in face-to-face classes,” said Sutton. “The experiences UNA has been able to provide this semester.”

Sutton explained that she believes that the reason UNA has been able to maintain in-person classes is because of the students willingness to comply with the guidelines the university has set. 

Annslee Bottoms, an Olive Hall resident, speaks to the updated visitation policy.

“The RA’s are amazing,” said Bottoms. “They do a great job at keeping us safe but also happy.”

Bottoms said that the RA’s not only help enforce these restrictions but also advocate for the students when there needs to be a change in policy. 

“I think it’s also very important to note that the RA’s stood up for the students and helped us get the new visitation policy,” said Bottoms. 

Bottoms also mentioned that the personal approach the RA’s take helps enforce these new policies. 

“The RA’s are very personable and know most of the residents by name,” said Bottoms. “Also, they are stationed in front of the entrance and card anyone who comes in.”

Another resident, Austin Boyett, agrees that the RA’s have done a great job enforcing these policies. 

“The RA’s have been the ones to keep the policy enforced,” said Boyett. “They check Mane Cards. If your guest doesn’t have a Mane Card they will ask you to leave.”

The RA’s also make sure there is only one visitor per each resident. 

HRL believes these new policies are necessary to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.