Junior muses over major change


Kyndall Sullivan

Kennedy Rice is a junior and fashion design major at the University of North Alabama.

Jonathan Hatchett, Staff Writer

Hatchett: I sat down with junior and fashion design major Kennedy Rice for this Q+A. 

Hatchett: How did you decide to study fashion?

Rice: My family … we make it our mission to be very visually appealing, especially going out and going to certain events and stuff like that. So, that’s just kind of where it started, I think, is caring about my outward appearance. I was originally going to go to school for forensic anthropology and that just didn’t work out, so I was like maybe I should do something I’m passionate about instead of what I feel like I’m supposed to do. And now here we are. 

Hatchett: Where would you like to be in the future?

Rice: As I go through life, I discover different things I find out that I’m passionate about. Like, I discover different parts of myself that I didn’t know before and that kind of changes my perception on what I feel like I need and what I feel like I want. As long as I’m in a space where I am comfortable mentally, emotionally, financially and I’m holding myself accountable to do the things that I set out to do … there’s always room for improvement.

Hatchett: What is your dream job?

Rice: It changes a lot, but … originally I wanted to be a celebrity stylist, so, like, a fashion consultant. As I learned to sew, I really discovered a passion for design as well. Ideally I can own my own business and be a fashion consultant at the same time. 

Hatchett: What are some of your favorite things?

Rice: Anything Alicia Keys, anything H.E.R.-related, music, self-care, fashion obviously. Sharing experiences. I love sharing my experiences with people because I find that I can explain things in a way that helps them understand that whatever they are going through is either temporary or there is a way out of their situation. If I can help uplift people’s spirits, I feel like that’s just a win. And ice cream! 

Hatchett: Where does your style inspiration come from?

Rice: My day-to-day casual fashion is “airport chic”. I’m obsessed with airport fashion. There’s something about seeing a celebrity in a paparazzi photo when they’re rushing on their flight holding their child in one hand, something about their outfit is just so loosely put together, but so, like, inspiring for some reason. They’re wearing stuff that I wear in my day-to-day  life, but they made it look like they could walk on stage and perform in it.

Hatchett: What are your other interests?

Rice: So, I’m a die-hard Alicia Keys fan … anybody who says they’ve met Alicia Keys says that she speaks to you like you’re the only person in the room. That genuine, kind of, energy … I want that to surround me. [And] H.E.R. [I love] … the whole concept of concealing your face so that people can’t judge you for how you look, they can only judge you based on the things you say and the things you do.