2021 is going to be a breeze

Saddler Emory, Business Manager

2020 was a doozy. I mean look back at some of the stuff that happened. Australia was on fire, so was the Amazon, and former President Trump almost started World War III with the assassination of Qasem Soleimani. All of this was just in January, while the Coronavirus was not a concern because as far as United States citizens knew, it was still in China and was not going to make its way to the States. 

People in America finally got real about the virus when Tom Hanks got COVID. But this was not the only celebrity tragedy that befell in 2020. Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi, along with seven other people died in a horrific helicopter crash. Chadwick Boesman, the man that brought Black Panther to life, also passed from colon cancer in August 2020. 

After a surge of COVID cases was pronounced by Dr. Anthony Faucci, dear Donald finally called for the State of Emergency and Americans went into lockdown. College students were kicked out of their dorms and their routines were crushed. They were sent home or sent wherever they had a roof over their heads. Still having regular classes, many students felt the anxiety start to boil in their chests from procrastination and being home alone. Ironic, I know. 

America also went through a presidential impeachment, which started in December of 2019, and now we are in the middle of another one. WOW.

America was one of the last countries to go into a national lockdown in March because of COVID, even though the cases here were skyrocketing. 

During this time, George Floyd was brutally murdered by police officers in Minneapolis, MN. His death caused an outcry from the African American community and allies, enough was enough. Throughout the summer of 2020 protests erupted not just around the country but the world about police brutality toward African American men and women. 

Portland, OR was a hot spot for protests. Which eventually turned violent because of police reaction and the governor and president sending in the National Guard to help police. 

America was on fire. Like literally in some places, and of course the right blamed it all on the Black Lives Matter movement. Even though there was no evidence of this. So came ANTIFA, which is not an actual organization and not a threat according to the FBI. 

The state of the world was basically in flux. Eyes were glued to the television watching the COVID case counter quickly rise. Alongside the COVID counter was the “death counter,” per dubbed in my household, which also rapidly rose. The United States is 4% of the world’s population and it has the highest number of deaths and cases of COVID  in the world. 

Then came November. Joe Biden was the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump was the Republican nominee. The country would not know the outcome of the election for at least a week after states got not only in-person voting tallied but also mail-in ballots and absentee ballots finally counted. 

Finally, after over a week, the final count was in and Joe Biden along with running mate Kamala Harris would be residing in the White House for the next four years. Thus, another outcry from the far-right extremists. Who’s the snowflakes now? 

Even though Trump and his cronies tried to fight the election by saying it was stolen, the Supreme Court basically told them that they had no proof of election fraud. There were no ballots under the names of dead people, illegal residents were not voting and there were no ballots found in lakes or the trash. The Biden Harris ticket won fair and square, now it was time for a peaceful transition of power, or so we all thought. 

December was pretty chill until an RV exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day taking out the AT&T tower and causing a major blackout across several states. I personally did not know about the AT&T building until the next day! Happy holidays, am I right? 

Finally, we rang in the New Year. 2020 was nothing but a bad dream and now 2021 was going to be a redemption year. 

Oh no, but wait Trump held a rally in Washington D.C., on January 6th, calling for his followers to show strength and turn the election over to him. This is when people actually stormed the Capitol building and lawmakers had to run for their lives. 

Honestly, was I surprised? Not really, but disappointed absolutely. I guess the one good thing that came out of 2020 was whatever comes our way will be nothing compared to the past. 

Threat of WWIII? No, 2020 beat you to it. Tragic deaths of celebrities that inspired so many people, yup got that covered too. 

Here’s to 2021, whatever you may throw at us odds are we’ve already seen it or something similar before!