Twelve last minute inexpensive costume ideas

Twelve last minute inexpensive costume ideas

Here are 12 ideas for last minute and inexpensive costume ideas for Halloween.

1. UNA parking space: All black clothing with white, red or green duct tape.

Use the tape to make a rectangle without the bottom portion on your shirt, however long you want. For added realism, disappear or hide during the night so no one can find you.

2. Safari guide: Tan button down, cargo shorts, either tennis shoes or hiking boots, stuffed animal (preferably a lion for school spirit), safari hat (optional)

Australian accent is recommended but not required

3. Crazy cat lady: Tacky bathrobe (the more ragged or crazier looking the better), slippers, scotch tape, small stuffed cats (five to seven should do), hairspray (optional), glasses (optional)

Tape the small stuffed cats to the bathrobe as possible while still leaving enough space to see the bathrobe. Apply any crazy hairstyle you can, the more like bedhead the better. Now put on your robe and slippers and hit the town.

4. Nurse/doctor: Scrubs

This outfit is truly the easy way out and reliable.

5. Greaser: Leather jacket, blue jeans, tennis shoes/Converse shoes/Vans, oily hair gel

Another easy classic, as long as you have a leather jacket lying around. Bonus points for a flip comb

6. 50 Shades of Grey: Black shirt, gray paint swatches, tape

Swing by a local hardware store and pick up some gray paint-card samples and tape them to your shirt. Instant classic

7. Purple shirt girl/Blue shirt guy emoji: Purple or blue long-sleeved shirt

Wear the shirt and do the pose

8. Error 404 costume not found: White shirt, black marker or tape

Write “Error 404: Costume not found” on the shirt. You’ll be called lazy, but it’s a creative lazy.

9. Arthur: Fake glasses, brown and pink construction paper, tape, headband, scissors, yellow pullover sweater, blue jeans

Use the construction paper to form ears the size of what you think everyone’s favorite aardvark should look like and tape them onto the headband. Put on the glasses, clothes and a friendly disposition and enjoy your night

10. Duck Dynasty: Camouflage headband, tan yarn, tape, black shirt, blue jeans, scissors, sunglasses (optional)

Cut up the yarn into long pieces to fall down about halfway to your waist and find a way to attach it to your face (tape is not recommended but it might be the only thing you can use) and put on your headband. Southern accent helps

11. Pioneer Girl: Tacky thrift store dress, paper apron

This outfit can cost a bit more than the rest. Find an old, run-down ankle-length dress at a local thrift store and grab a disposable paper apron from a grocery store. Throw your hair into braids and you are good to go.

12. Bob Ross and a painting: Dark-haired afro, button-down shirt, jeans, markers, plain white T-shirt, paint brush

This is a perfect couples or partner costume. One person puts on the afro, button-down, jeans and a kind personality while the other draws some happy little trees on the plain white shirt. Guaranteed to make someone happy.