‘The Bachelor’ week 8-9: down to the nitty gritty


Ellen McDonald, Managing Editor

Week eight of ‘The Bachelor’ is Hometown’s week, meaning Matt would be meeting the families of his final four. 

Hometowns is arguably the most vital week within each season. It is a huge deal to receive a rose and head into hometowns. It is a direct sign that the other person can see a life with you beyond the cameras.

In a normal, COVID free season, Matt would travel to the actual hometowns of the women to see their town, their homes and meet immediate and extended family. This season however, the hometowns of the ladies were brought to Matt. 

Michelle was the first to introduce Matt to her family. When she greeted Matt, they were surprised to realize that they were wearing matching outfits. #goals.

They started out the date with a bike ride and Michelle later introduced Matt to her students back home.

One student, Evan, got straight to the point and asked if they had kissed yet.

“The more time I speed with Michelle, I see what I’m looking for,” said Matt. 

When arriving at the house to meet Michelle’s family, Matt looked extremely nervous to go in. Her father said that they (Michelle’s parents) could tell that she was happy as soon as she walked in the room. 

Michelle told her father that if Matt were to propose now, she would say yes. When her father sat down with Matt, he asked him if he was falling in love with Michelle. Matt said he was falling for her. 

Michelle later spoke with her mother and she asked Michelle if she felt like all of it was moving too fast and Michelle told her no. 

After meeting the parents, Matt joined the Young family in a game of basketball. Before returning to her room, Michelle told Matt that she was falling in love with him. 

I absolutely adored her parents. They were the most accepting and kind parents that I have seen in a while on this show. 

The second hometown was with Rachael. 

She drove up in the affordable version of the Batmobile and proceeded to blindfold Matt. Rachael planned a date where she and Matt would free fall from a plane while skydiving. 

After landing smoothly, Matt watched as Rachael slammed into the ground. Instead of running to her side, Matt jogged up to her while slightly shouting her name. That really shows how much he cares. 

I really do not know how she did not cry or anything, that fall really looked like it hurt. 

“She’s not meant to take that type of impact…” said Matt after she hit the ground. I am sorry, but who is meant to hit the ground after falling from a plane? The Hulk? 

Rachael later introduced Matt to her father, mother and sister. Rachael spoke with her mother and told her that she had not seen a single red flag with Matt. 

Matt talked to Rachael’s father and he seemed really hostile and aggressive towards the idea of the two getting engaged so quickly. 

Matt told him that he had never connected with someone like he has with Rachael. 

After the date, Matt told Rachael that he chose to not ask for her father’s blessing, which disappointed Rachael.

Matt’s third hometown was with Bri. 

She chose to take them back to their first date where they went mudding. This time, Bri took Matt off-roading in a Jeep. Afterwards, they sat down for a picnic and got to know one another even more.

Matt met Bri’s mother and best friend. Bri’s mother brought out her new baby sister and Matt got to see Bri from a whole new perspective. 

Bri’s mother grabbed Matt and asked him about his feelings for Bri. He told her that the conversations that he has had with Bri are unlike any other and that they connected through having both been raised by single mothers. He told her that he is falling for Bri.

He told Bri’s mother that he sees Bri in his life. 

Bri talked to her mother and she told her that she feels like it is the first time that someone is looking at her and seeing all of her. She expressed that she is so scared to tell Matt that she is falling for him and then being sent home. 

Bri later told Matt that she feels like she is falling for him and that she wants more time together. 

The last hometown was with Serena. 

Serena brought Canada to Matt, since she could not physically take him there. 

She showed him a map of Canada, taught him the local vernacular and about Canadian culture. Afterwards, they played hockey with one another. 

Matt got to meet her mother, father and sister. Her mom pulled Matt first and he told her that Serena challenges him and that he likes that aspect of her. Her mother told Matt that she was unsure about Serena being ready for marriage within a few weeks. 

Serena told her sister that on paper, Matt’s perfect and that she feels like she is falling for him. Her sister told her that she felt like something was missing between the two of them and that it is that she does not seem “smitten.” Her sister thought that it was because Serena is in her own head too much and is convincing herself that he has no “it” factor. She said she was worried that Serena might be trying to talk herself into liking Matt. 

Serena’s family put a lot of doubts into her head; but a lot of them seemed to have already been present before hometowns. She said that she has a pit in her stomach sometimes when she is around Matt and that is never a good sign.

Serena told Matt after saying goodbye to her family that there is a time limit on her, and she is doing a lot of thinking about the two of them. Matt told her to think about the now and to not focus on the future. 

Serena told the producers that she did not expect Matt to take what she shared so calmly, and she wanted him to notice that she was freaking out. 

Matt sat down with Serena after saying that he sees a life with her but that he is unsure if she sees one with him. He told her that he knows how he has felt about her for a long time and that it is intentional that she has been the one that he has spent the most time with. 

Serena told Matt that she did not think that he was the one for her and she walked out by Matt.

Going into the rose ceremony, there were three roses and three women. 

Matt’s final three women are: Bri, Michelle and Rachael. 

Week 9 was “Women Tell All.” This is the episode where all the women who were sent home come back to discuss the drama and the breakups of the season. 

There were a lot of women who did not attend the “Women Tell All,” most notably being Sarah and Marylynn. 

It was also revealed that the producers made a lot of cuts and edited this season heavily. They cut out a total of three dates, which has never been done before.