COVID-19 Vaccine Hysteria

Saddler Emory, Business Manager

In the United States, the total amount of people who have received the vaccine is 165 million people. Those who are fully vaccinated, meaning they took the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine which has 2 doses, is 61.4 million. 

These vaccines have proven to give the recipient a better chance of not contracting COVID-19, or if they do there is a 100% chance that they will not be hospitalized. The purpose of the vaccine is immunity, but because of the continuing mutations of COVID, the vaccines do give someone a much better chance of surviving the illness and making sure that they will not be hospitalized.  

Many people believe that getting the vaccine is pointless and there is no reason for everyone to receive it. People like Sen. Rand Paul would rather argue with scientists who know this illness inside and out because he has the ability to use the internet. 

On March 18, Sen. Rand Paul believes that the “theater of masks” is just absolutely absurd for someone who has received the vaccine, even when he is given proof by Dr. Fauci that it is in the best interest for everyone to continue wearing masks well into 2022.  

Dr. Fauci clearly explains to Sen. Paul that even if someone has received the vaccine still needs to wear a mask in public places, but in more private settings masks are not required. Sen. Paul just cannot seem to wrap his mind around this fact because if you are vaccinated when why in the world would you need to wear a mask?  

Sen. Paul barely gives Dr. Fauci time to explain why vaccinated people still need to wear masks. The reason for this is because even if you are fully vaccinated there is still a chance that you could contract one of the mutated strains of COVID. But, because of the vaccine, there is a 100% chance that you will not be hospitalized because of the illness.  

The way that the vaccine works is that it uses a part of the COVID virus, to be specific the “spikes” which are on the outside of the COVID virus and use the mRNA in our bodies to create antibodies. Because of this, if we are to contract the same kind of virus our body will be able to fight off the infection without us even noticing. But because of the many mutations that we have seen, the vaccine that we are given will still notice the infection and will have an easier time creating antibodies for this new mutation in our system. Thus, the possibility of having to be hospitalized is virtually zero.  

People like Sen. Paul selfishly believes that if they are fully vaccinated, they no longer need to wear a mask put other people at risk and extant themselves. 

There is still a need for everyone to wear a mask because even if you have received the vaccine there is a chance that you can still carry the virus and transfer it to other people. Or if you want to look at it this way, you are also putting yourself at risk because of the minor inconvenience of a piece of fabric over your face.  

Having contracted COVID myself, I have no intention of getting it again or put other people in my life at risk. If everyone would just wear a mask and respect the rules of social distance, we would not still be living in a world of closed restaurants, parks, Skype Thanksgiving or Christmas.  

So, for the sake of not just yourself, but your fellow concerned college student who has severe burnout, please get vaccinated and continue to wear a mask.