2021: The Year of Musical Reboots

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Laura Leigh Vought, Arts & Entertainment Editor

 In 2015, the world was captivated by the coming-of-age Broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen.”

The show earned six Tony Awards and recognition by major A-Listers such as Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé and Amy Schumer during its time on Broadway. 

The show follows a young teen, Evan Hansen, originally played by Ben Platt, as he battles with social and familial pressures following the recent suicide of a classmate. 

Ben Platt rightfully earned the award of Best Actor in a Musical as he brought the lead character to life. 

Platt stepped down from his role on the Broadway stage in 2017, but will be returning to his rightful place as lead in the musical during its journey onto the big screen. 

After almost five full years since the first stage debut, producer Stacy Mindich announced the musical would return to the Broadway stage in December of 2021. 

Not long after the announcement that the show would be returning to Broadway, social platforms such as TikTok began buzzing with stipulations that the show would soon be adapted into a film. 

With the enormous fan following and dozens of sold out shows, Hollywood did not appear far off. 

Producer Marc Platt, real-life father of Ben Platt, began preparations in 2018 to execute a deal that would bring the Broadway sensation to the silver screen. 

In May of 2021, Universal released the first official trailer of the movie adaptation. 

Fans of the musical flooded the social sphere with praise for both the show’s return as well as Platt’s comeback since his exit from the role. 

The movie adaptation premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 9 and will hit theaters on Sept. 24. Tickets are available for purchase online. 

The film is sporting a heavy-hitting lineup of top-tier actors. 

“Everything, Everything” star, Amanda Stenberg, plays Alana, a classmate of Hansen’s. 

The movie adaptation will be expanding Stenberg’s character and feature an additional musical number that he wrote. 

Golden Globe nominee Kaitlyn Denver will play Zoe, Hansen’s life-long crush and love interest. Denver is best known for her roles in “Booksmart” and “Unbelievable.” 

Amy Adams will play Cynthia Murphy, a struggling mother that battles with her teen son’s suicide. Adams will be featured in a number of musical numbers within the film, a role that she is familiar with from her 2007 Walt Disney Pictures hit, “Enchanted.” 

Accompanying the all star cast includes iconic actors and actresses such as Julianne Moore, Colton Ryan and Nick Dodani. 

The original Broadway cast of the musical will be a difficult act to follow. However, longtime fans and critics are speculating that the movie adaptation will give the original play a run for its money. 

“Dear Evan Hansen” is one of many musicals that will take to theaters in 2021. 

In respect of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Broadway musical “Come From Away” will be available to stream on AppleTV+ in September. 

The musical earned multiple Tony Awards and nominations. Spotify reports the original album soundtrack to have almost 150 thousand monthly listeners on their platform. 

The performance follows how one city, Gander, Newfoundland, housed dozens of redirected planes as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 

The musical highlights the beauty of humanity as strangers open their homes and hearts to the foreign passengers. 

Following suit, the classic musical, “West Side Story” will be adapted by director, Steven Spielberg. 

The play debuted in 1957 at the Winter Garen Theatre on Broadway. Directed by Max Goberman, the original cast received dozens of recognition and awards, including Top 5 on the Billboard Pop Top 100 in 1962. 

The 2021 adapted movie will feature added scenes, musical numbers and bonus characters. The movie will debut in December of this year.