Student looks at future as a teacher



Photo Courtesy of Madison Williams

Lavette Williams, Editor-in-Chief

Lavette Williams interviewed Madison Williams, a 22 year-old senior at the University of North Alabama. She majors in elementary education and is expected to graduate May of 2022.

Williams: What made you major in elementary education?  

Madison Williams: I chose to be a teacher because I love kids and want to be a positive role model for my students. I want all of my kids to know they are safe and loved on my classroom.

Williams: What are your plans after you graduate? 

Madison Williams:  When I graduate, I plan to stay in the Florence area and teach at one of the local schools.

Williams: What are your goals?

Madison Williams: Right now, my goals are to graduate in May and have my own classroom the following school year.

Williams: What do you like to do in your free time?

Madison Williams: I do not have much free time due to having two jobs but when I do, I like to hike, do photography and hang out with my friends. 

Williams: Why do you have two jobs?

Madison Williams: So I have two jobs, but I also have two other side jobs, where I clean a church and an elderly man’s home. I do it because I like helping people and I like to be kept busy. I’m hoping to pick up more of these small cleaning jobs. Maybe I’ll start up a little business. 

Williams: What is some advice you would give to incoming students?

Madison Williams: I would tell [them] that sometimes college can be hard, but don’t give up if it’s something that you are passionate about. Eventually, all of your hard work will be worth it and you’ll be thankful you stuck it through.

Williams: What is something that you have learned while attending UNA?

Madison Williams: I learned that I definitely want to be a teacher even though I’ve had some doubts. The clinicals that we are required to take have given me an inside look into what my future as a teacher could be and it makes me more excited with each one I attend. 

Williams: Would you go back in time and change anything?

Madison Williams: If I could go back, I would not change a thing. I beleive that everything has happened for a reason. All of the good and thebad has helped teach me thing about myself and mold me into the person I am meant to be.