Extreme feminism is not real feminism

Extreme feminism is not real feminism

News Editor Karah Wilson

I am a feminist, but I do not agree with extreme feminism.

A video of Russian student, Anna Dovgalyuk, went viral on Twitter for her pouring diluted bleach on the laps of males for manspreading in public places. Dovgalyuk claimed to be doing this out of feminism.

The definition of fourth-wave feminism is the resurgence of interest in feminism that began around 2012 and is associated with the use of social media. According to feminist scholar Prudence Chamberlain, it is the focus on justice for women and to combat sexual harassment and violence towards women.

Examples of actively participating in real feminism would be marching in worldwide Women’s Marches and advocating for women to receive equal pay and rights to their own bodies. It is not tearing men down when they are just existing, that is gender discrimination. Feminism should be used to combat the injustice women all over the world face. It should be used to fight for the equality of women to their male counterparts.

Pouring bleach on men’s laps is not a form of feminism, it is assault. Stunts and actions like this are why other women and men are so wary to call themselves feminists and the women and men that are constantly have to fight this new stereotype feminism has received.

When women are bashing men or being physically violent toward men without being provoked out of the name of feminism, that’s when people stop taking feminism seriously.

Feminism does not have to be just women. Men can be feminists, but what man would want to be an ally to a group of people who are discriminating against his own gender just for how he was born?

The whole idea that feminism is about making men feel bad about just being male is hypocritical. The idea is feminism is supposed to make men and women equal. That cannot happen while tearing people down.

If this so-called feminism keeps down this path, women will be digging a deeper hole that real feminists are trying to get out of.

Feminists, unfortunately, will have to keep fighting these claims of feminism that women use to excuse their terrible actions towards men.

This is not to say real feminists do not have to fight back with physical violence occasionally, but what Dovgalyuk did was unprovoked. These men in the video were minding their own business and not bothering anybody from what viewers could see.

Real feminism is protesting for equality, sending and signing petitions, supporting women who do not have access to items they need as women and actively working to close societal gaps between men and women. Feminism is about fighting for the rights of all women, including transgender women and women of color.