Chase your dreams in a healthy way


Brady Jordan, Social Media Editor

 When was the last time you heard a good story that really made you stop and reflect on value? Storytelling is a key component to any business. Every brand from dog food to upper-scale recreational vehicle manufacturing companies has a story to share with the world. But holds responsibility for telling these stories?

I’d like to introduce you to Armosa Studios, a photo and video marketing agency based right here in the Shoals. The crazy thing is, Armosa is a national agency with clients thousands of miles away. The company has worked with notable clients in the outdoor industry like Winnebago and Tiffin Motor-homes. They have even worked with more notable clients like the University of Alabama. Armosa has also produced videos right in their own backyard around Florence, contributing a substantial portion of marketing campaigns for The University of North Alabama and Shoals Economic Development Alliance. 

So why exactly am I telling you all of this? Well, there’s even a story to be told here. I’m a senior at UNA, so my time in college is beginning to draw near a close. With that in mind, I set out last summer to get an internship that would not only provide me with valuable experience in the field, but also demonstrate to potential future employers that I have a credible work history. 

At first, I applied all over. I had interviews with companies in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Ga. Ultimately though, I ended up staying local to Florence, with Armosa Studios serving as my summer internship. This ended up being the best decision I’ve made, as the experiences I gained from my time as an intern with Armosa are some I’ll never forget.

My internship started out with a trip to Elkhart, Ind. We had a shoot at the Winnebago Plant in nearby Middlebury. I rode up to Indiana in the 3500 Sprinter van with one of the contractors, so I got an entirely free, week-long road trip to the Midwest. We stopped in places like Louisville and Indianapolis. I even got to stop and see the Great Lakes. Even though I stayed local, opportunities in Florence allowed me to scratch my pesky travel itch. 

In between out-of-state trips, there were several local shoots where I gained valuable experience in working with clients and expanded upon my video skills. I wrapped up my internship with a trip to Arkansas, where we got to film the pilot for “Wilder Still,” a show centered around the popular YouTubers, “Roots and Refuge.” 

Since my internship, the experience I gained from Armosa has been invaluable in all my pursuits. I’ve worked more as a contractor my senior year than I ever have previously. I’ve had clients fly me all over the country from Boston to New York City.

Gaining as much experience as possible before you graduate can only help you further your ambitions in the long run. Last week I worked across North Alabama, photographing a real estate conference and the Muscle Shoals Songwriter’s Festival. All of this to say, if you want to set yourself apart from others in a big way, find and make opportunities for yourself wherever you can and develop a (healthy) hustle. 

Why healthy? College can be hard. The phrase “work-life balance” is oftentimes easier said than practiced. While it’s easy to start chasing opportunities once you get the ball rolling, it is in turn easy to burn yourself out on said opportunities. “Managing your time” has a double meaning. Effective time management should always take mental health into account through breaks and self-care. This is one of the greatest lessons I learned from a company like Armosa, as they always value family and mental health before anything else. If possible, look for opportunities centered around a positive culture like this. Also, keep in mind, the opportunities you yearn for in other places aren’t always too far from your own backyard.