Intramural sports offered and encouraged

Mary-Stella Mangina, Sports Editor

As of January 1, the University of North Alabama’s myriad of intramural sports programs are open for registration for the spring 2022 semester. It recently promoted its recreational enterprises with a smallscale series of friendly competitions, which pitted residence hall inhabitants against their roommates so as to ignite their competitive edges. Throughout the lighthearted trials, the contestants were offered both s’mores and hot chocolate by the Housing and Residence Life department. If one is interested in joining a registered student organization aimed at galvanizing its participants’ athletic abilities, one is welcome to do so by way of

Students both on and off of campus have scores of reasons to sign up for an intramural sports club. Few of those who are enrolled in classes this term can disagree with the notion that in the general run of things, undergraduates and postgraduates are spread incredibly thin. It is on rare occasions that they have spare time to spend with their friends or significant others. Masses of these busy college students have found time of this essence in coordinating exercise-related procedures with their peers. Moreover, upon enlisting in sports teams of their choosing, academic newcomers who would otherwise have trouble making interpersonal connections can bond with their companions as they work to develop complex strategies and better their physiques. All things considered, intramural sports present students who are not officially recognized athletes with a turn in decompression through aerobic activity.

In addition to other attributes, UNA prides itself on its students’ involvement in school-systematized happenings; it supports more than 100 student organizations, to whom it gives access to diversified resources and entryway into university-sponsored meetings. As far as intramural sports go for the approaching three months, the university is letting prospective players pick from a wide variety, including pickleball, basketball, indoor volleyball, team tennis, dodgeball, futsal, and ultimate frisbee. The faculty members currently composing UNA Recreation hope to garner an influx of interest in games of this sort.