What does it mean to amplify voices?

What does it mean to amplify voices?

Aliyah McCary

According to the dictionary, the meaning of amplifying is to make larger, more significant, or stronger; enlarge; extend. Expand in stating or describing, as by details or illustrations; clarify by expanding. But before, we could do that with the black voice. We first must
acknowledge the black pain in their voice and the struggle of the African American people. We cannot do one side but not do
the other. This country never cares about the black voices due to avoiding the guilt of what their ancestors have done in the past and being soulless as individuals. This country loves to down the pain of the black community by saying “ get over it” or “it was in the past,” but we are constantly reminded of struggle in school, movies, media, etc.

So, problem number one is that this country is not acknowledging the black voice due to not wanting to be reminded of what was done. A prime example of that states banning critical race theory because “ it hurts white kid’s feelings,” but what about the black kids who had to hear the same stories of slavery and the civil rights movement, which was a struggle and a painful time for the black community.

Problem number two is that this country gives other races/groups benefits before they give blacks and wants blacks to rebuild with no support or help. How can we amplify black voices when you don’t provide them with loans opportunities, jobs, or less property value due to the same area being blacker? So, problem two with not amplifying the black voices by not evening want to help when it comes to living in the country.

Problem three of not amplifying the black voices by other races stealing black culture but getting credit while black voices are being labeled with highly racist stereotypes. Other races for centuries always sold from the black experience and got more acknowledgment if someone wanted to argue about it. I will tell them to look throughout history. Or look at this generation now. Other races are getting surgery to have looks that blacks naturally have but were raised by white media to hate our features.

Lastly, our voice is not amplified by problem number four with how this country kills us before hearing our voice. As a result, black males are dying by police officers, and black women are dying in the delivery room. In addition, research has shown that black women are at a higher rate of dying from labor complications due to the doctors not listening to their pain. But doctors do the opposite for white women and others. So then, let’s not act like black males are highly stereotyped by cops and are feared, but the cops usually have the gun. But not only are the adults are getting killed, but black girls are going missing at a higher rate and do not get the new coverage like white girls or women.

Also, black boys get killed by holding a play gun while white boys shoot a school or church and get walked out from the police.

So again, what does it means to amplify the black voices? To answer that, this country first should fix the problems by showing and making progress for the black voices instead of putting a band-aid over an open wound that they keep getting open. Once that is solved, amplifying
the black voice can have a greater effect. However, through the pain and struggle of blacks, the blacks always amplify our voices on our own because we had no choice to. So, the black voice is just waiting for others to start amplifying our voice.