Impeachment Documents Released

Flor-Ala Editors

On Aug 26, 2021, The University of North Alabama’s Student Government Association (SGA) met for the first time in the new school year to discuss whether or not President Jacob Statom should be sent to the judicial branch for an impeachment hearing. These are the documents that were presented to the senate in executive session. These documents serve as the evidence on which to try Statom for impeachment. Based on these, senators Maci Allen, Katherine Alfaro, Carson Brite, Hannah Bryant, Mackenzie Bullard, Howard Cooper, Abby Eggemeyer, Rachel Ford, Audrey Johnson, Colby Johnson, Ritu Patel, Grace Plowman, Aliyah McCary, Madison Reese, Amber Sandvig and Caroline Vance voted to send Statom’s case to judicial to be tried for impeachment. Based on these same documents, senators Hannah Benson, Ansley Brooks, Ethan Criddle, MacKenna Gosart, Grace Hafner, Ronnie Myers Jr., Savana Robertson, John Shinholster, Siddi Srinidhi and Anna Wamble voted that they were opposed to sending Statom’s case to trial.

These votes have been a point of controversy throughout the school year for SGA. Many of the senators who voted in favor of an impeachment trial have since resigned or been removed from senate. (See “The ins and outs of SGA this election season.” ) Many of the remaining senators are running for executive roles, including Sandvig and Shinholster, who are running for president alongside current secretary Javia Warner, who stated at the presidential debate that if she had not been on executive and had the opportunity to vote, she probably would not have voted for the case to be sent to trial. Hafner and Myers are also Vice Presidential candidates. Hannah Bryant is running for Treasurer.

The debates for Treasurer and senate candidates and the Presidential/Vice Presidential debates were streamed by the Flor-Ala on instagram and can be rewatched.

SGA elections begin on Monday, March 14, 2022

Editor’s note 3/14/2022: Some names and positions have been omitted from correspondence documents by request.