Sunflowers Will Grow

Photo Essay

Casey Kula, Staff Photographer

I’m not from Ukraine. I was born in Boone, Iowa, in the United States. While I may not experience all that’s going on first handedly– my anxiety has only reminded me that every single day I’m getting out of bed to go to class, someone in Ukraine is unable to sleep, lying in bomb shelters day and night. While I’m receiving my education, Ukrainian schools are exploding. While I feel safe crossing the road to get lunch at the cafeteria, there are Ukrainian citizens dying as they block Russian tanks from moving forward. I may not experience the hell they’re in right now, but I do experience the anxiety of not knowing what will happen to Ukraine’s innocent people. I’ve been trying to donate, hoping maybe that will help my Ukrainian friends get to safety, but internally by brain questions, “Is that enough? Will this actually change anything?” My hope is that with the effort of others, the Ukrainians will get their lives back. I stand with you Ukraine, even 5,565 miles away – I stand with you.