Traffic affects student and community safety

Traffic affects student and community safety

By News Editor Karah Wilson

As a student at UNA, keeping an eye out for my safety and the safety of other students is important.

I have questioned the safety of several spots on campus lately and what can be done.

Pine Street is a dangerous road, especially when school is in session. With Kilby Laboratory School, UNA and regular Florence traffic, cars travel that road often.

Many of my classes are in the communications building so the majority of the time, I have to park across the street and walk to the building. It turns out to be a game of Frogger every morning.

Something I believe that could eliminate potential accidents is a crosswalk connecting the two sides of the road. Since there is a hill there, implementing a crosswalk identical to the one on Wood Avenue would be perfect. The lights would give drivers a warning that pedestrians are crossing.

The intersection next to Hawthorne hall and Olive hall only has two stop signs, allowing for cross traffic to keep going through.

However, if you are trying to drive after stopping, it can sometimes be difficult to see if a car is coming because there are vehicles parked beside Hawthorne.

Not allowing students to park beside Hawthorne on the street or putting in two more stop signs and making it a four-way stop would help to minimize possible accidents.

Putting a crosswalk that connects the parking lot in front of the Commons and the parking lot across the street, would prevent cars from flying around the curve and causing a possible accident. A simple crosswalk without the light would be a great solution.

There is a stoplight where Nellie Avenue and Wood Avenue meet that is very busy most times of the day.

However, it is still possible to see how fast and how many cars are passing through. One question I’ve always had is why drivers cannot turn right on red at the stoplight.

There is no street parking or hills, so to me, it makes sense to be able to turn right on red.

On the same road, the stoplight that connects Wood Avenue and Circular Road is very hard to see. There are many times during the day where the sun is too bright and the light is too dim, and I cannot see the light color until I am very close to it. This can cause issues when it comes to running red lights.

Providing students with the safest campus as possible is important to everyone who is regularly there. These or other potential solutions would benefit those who live on and off campus.

Even if these are not the best solutions, hopefully it will start a conversation about what we can do to make sure campus is safe for everyone.