Lions define season with win against La Verne, 104-56

Noah Catchings, Sports Editor

In their third game of the season, Lions women’s basketball defeated La Verne at home 104-56. The game leaders were Emma Kate Tittle with 19 points, Jade Moore with 15 points, Alyssa Cutter with 13, and Skyler Gill with 12 points. 

These players are not the only top scorers, there were three more players with double digit scoring as well as many rebounds and assists. The basketball team shot 48.7 percent, outscoring La Verne every quarter. 

By halftime the Lions were not in the lead by that many points, but after halftime they really picked up their pace and kept repeatedly scoring only missing a few and led to the groundbreaking score of 104-56.  

This is not the only game the Lions have shown out this season. Their first game of the season they defeated Christian Brothers by 10 points with a score of 78-68 and Jade Moore having 19 points, Skyler Gill having 16 points, and Hina Suzuki with 11 points. All playing a lot of minutes and having numerous rebounds as well. 

This season is starting out very well for the Lions, with three games played and a record of 2-1 these girls have a bright future ahead of them for the rest of the season. We have a long season ahead of us as well as ASUN playoffs at the end of the regular season. 

Their next game of the season will be against Southern Mississippi away. Southern Mississippi has a record of 1-1 and an extra win in an exhibition game against AUM. 

Before this game, UNA recently recruited two more players Chloe Siegel and Katie Criswell who are two local players who are expected to prosper at UNA. 

Overall, the Lions have a great season ahead of them, with a great record so far, good fan base, new and veteran players, and good energy. They are expected to do great and have a winning record this season as well as a shot at the ASUN playoffs.