MugShots makes gluttony less of a sin

Heather Day, Business Manager

Walking into the atmosphere of Mugshots Grill and Bar, I was taken from the cold air outside into a warm and friendly restaurant. 

People were crowding the front entrance waiting on a table to try one of the many items on the menu, but the line did not stop there. Guests were huddled up right outside all checking their phones for that confirmation of a ready table. Our wait was a little over half an hour, but downtown Florence aided in company. 

Their texting system was smooth and convenient, and when we got the notification that our table was ready, we were sat immediately. The host was kind and filled the short walk to our table with laughs. She reassured us that our waitress would be over momentarily and we waited no more than two minutes before our drink order was taken. 

The waitress had to have had several other tables, but her focus on each table was individual and intentional. She assisted us with deciphering the menu options and was quite knowledgeable about each burger. I ended up venturing out and trying their ‘Mac-and-Cheese Burger.’ 

While waiting for our food, I noticed my only complaint of the restaurant: this would not be an ideal spot for a first date or to catch up with someone as it was challenging to hear my friend sitting only two feet in front of me. This particular establishment will attract your sport-watching friends who are more interested in the recent game instead of an intimate conversation. 

Mugshots is fully prepared to tune into any and all popular games in real time as I was able to count seven screens just from my seat. From hockey to golf, they had a sports game on for just about any fan. The games made the wait for food short. 

About ten minutes after ordering our food, these absolute giant burgers arrived at our table. The ‘Mac-and-Cheese Burger’ is a hamburger topped with your average mac and cheese squished between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I had words like heart attack, carbs, and gluttony floating around in my head just at the sight of this beast. This was a burger you had to first make a plan of how to eat before you could actually taste it. I sliced through the center in an attempt to make it a more manageable meal. While it was huge, it was definitely beautiful. The description on the menu was spot on and this hunk of a burger looked commercial ready. It was a two hands event, but the first bite was worth all the trouble.

 The comfort of mac and cheese, the childhood feelings of a grilled cheese, and then the hearty flavor of a well cooked burger made gluttony less of a sin. 

I was thoroughly impressed. The fries added such joy to the meal. They were above average and complimented the burger well. The ranch was not amazing but did not hinder the meal in any way. 

Once we were finished eating, our waitress brought out to-go boxes and our check and we left satisfied but with a whole meal in our boxes. I’m excited to have my leftovers for lunch because this isn’t a to-go box that would get forgotten about in your fridge.