Fall Out Boy sends their love (From The Other Side)

Trenedy Parks, Staff Writer

After five long years, America’s resident alternative-rock sensation Fall Out Boy has revealed that they are releasing a new album in March. 

Titled “So Much (For) Stardust”, the album is revealed to have 13 tracks, each seeming to be released one-by-one. On Jan. 18, the band released the first single, “Love From The Other Side.” Track two was released on Jan. 25, titled “Heartbreak Feels So Good.” 

“Love From The Other Side” is a breath of fresh air for Fall Out Boy fans. By returning to their roots, the band has been able to garner the excitement they are due. The track is reminiscent of the earlier tracks present on “From Under The Cork Tree”. Each line is heavy with the feeling of being restrained and the struggle of complacency. The verses describe feeling too grand for their surroundings. Lyrics “we were a painting you could never frame” and “this city always hangs a little bit lonely on me, loose” are full of both the ideas of being too much and not enough. 

The chorus describes how they still send their love from across the lines the damage in the relationship has caused, even though they have been betrayed. Musically, the song has every staple of an alternative-rock song: drums that keep the tempo high and guitar usage that truly makes the listener wonder if this song came out in 2005 or 2023. The way this song is performed takes you back in time and reveals how true to their origins they remain. 

“Heartbreak Feels So Good” follows the same theme of love lost. The lyrics describe a post-relationship plea for the other to pretend for a few minutes longer, saying they can cry later, because this heartbreak feels too good right now. The verses and chorus are both expanded perspectives on this split and how they are embracing their heartache. The second verse in particular describes the aftermath of what we can assume is apprehension and regret, “Light from a screen of messages, unsent.”  Interpretations of this song can vary from a romantic relationship to Joe Trohman’s recently announced hiatus from the band.

In a post on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram, Trohman spoke to fans about his struggle with burnout. He feels he should take a break from the band in order to avoid a possible complete ending for him in the band. He started the post out with a quote from Neil Young, describing how Young was wrong and “unequivocally that burning out is dreadful,” and ends the heartfelt post with a sign off, “Smell you sooner than later, Joe Trohman.” The band has shown their support for him. 

Fall Out Boy’s ninth studio album is scheduled to be released on Mar. 24th and is produced by Fueled by Ramen and DCD2 Records.