SGA introduces Pride Points

Emma Tanner, Managing Editor

On Feb. 9, the Student Government Association announced their new academic incentive, Pride Points.

Pride Points are an incentive for students to not only have good grades, but also to become more involved on campus. Tasks students can complete and submit to SGA are submitting screenshots of Canvas grades, attending an RSO or senate meeting, completing a department scavenger hunt, participating in a research study and getting accepted into an honor society. Students who complete tasks are entered to win a $300 book scholarship.

Academic Affairs Chairwoman Emma Melton headed the development of Pride Points. Melton was inspired by Fraternity & Sorority Life’s Greek Points. Greek Points were introduced last year. They were created to encourage active Greek life members to participate in council events. 

“Not every area of academic success comes straight from grades and GPA,” Melton said. “A lot of it is being able to know what your major is actually going to do for you once you graduate, what kind of jobs you can get, what is your drive for your future.”

Pride Points do not serve to only raise people’s grades. Melton hopes that they can help encourage involvement on campus.

“[Pride Points] are not necessarily a campaign to increase people’s grades,” Melton said. ‘It’s just to try and make people feel more comfortable as a college student and feel more confident in their academic abilities.”