Involvement increases freshman morale

Editor-in-Chief Ciera Golliver

The fall semester starts a new time in many college students’ lives. Freshmen feet scurry across campus in confused patterns trying to find their place in this world. After all, they will call this place their home for four years.

I began my freshman year of college four years ago without a clue in the world. I did not pledge a sorority, live with a roommate or have half of my high school class at my side. I began my college experience wide-eyed and anxious about where I would belong.

After a semester into college, I finally found my place. Luck brought me to the Lions Den Game Room, and I was set. I found my stress reliever in between classes, my escape from the world and my very best friends.

Over the next couple of semesters, I expanded my horizons through Student Government Association, various Registered Student Organizations and of course, The Flor-Ala.

Being involved on campus adds so much more to the college experience. Whether it is Greek life, an RSO or even just a group of friends from class. I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a place on a college campus.

The beginning of the school year is a great time to begin getting involved. Even though someone can find their place at any time, it is easiest at the beginning of the school year when every organization is making an extra effort to reach out.

UNA devotes the first month back on campus to Mane Month. This is a time when various organizations across campus sponsor different events to get students involved. For upperclassmen, it is a great time to get free food. For freshman, it is the best time to explore campus and all it has to offer.

Not every organization will appeal to everyone, but I promise UNA is full of so many groups ready to appeal to any student interest. It is just about exploring campus to find it.

If I could go back to my freshman year, I would tell myself not to wait so long to out there. I would tell myself to walk awkwardly into a room where I knew no one and put myself outside my comfort zone.

My college experience has been what it is because of my friends and the role I took on campus. I cannot imagine my college experience without those people in it.

Every college student needs to make an effort to seek out their place on campus. Every student has a world of potential waiting for them, but the best way to achieve this is with a group of supporters pushing them entire way.