Sweetwater Bakery is perfect for your sweet tooth

Emma Tanner, Managing Editor

The Sweetwater District has more than just a live music venue and iconic burger joint, it is also home to a hidden gem: Sweetwater Bakery. With mouth-watering cinnamon rolls and rich imported coffee, the bakery is a must-visit spot. 

Sweetwater Bakery was opened by Laura Senecal in January 2022. The spot was a years-long dream of Senecal, who originally began baking for her church and children to pass the time. 

“I knew I had the capability and passion to serve others,” said Senecal. “It just kind of went from there.”

The Shoals has been devoid of a tried and true bakery for some years now.

“I saw that there was a need for a real bakery in the Shoals,” Senecal said. “I saw some bakeries that bought icing from Sam’s. I knew that I could do it and I really wanted to fill that space and that niche.”

Senecal prides herself in making every menu item from scratch. Her dough, icing and more are all homemade. Before opening the bakery, she baked and cooked for seven to eight years. 

The menu boasts many treats such as cinnamon rolls, quiches, baguettes and more. They also sell their own pimento cheese. They also have free refills on their coffee.

Surprisingly, Senecal sees a lack of college students coming in. Some Alpha Gam sorority girls work at the shop. She is in the process of getting Mane Card benefits. Its close proximity to campus could help bring in a bigger crowd