Summer at UNA: some tips and tricks

Trenedy Parks, Staff Writer

Are you staying on campus over the summer? Do you know someone that is? Many first-time students see this as scary for many reasons. Whether it is the fact that campus will not be bustling with life, or if it is getting started on the process to stay here, being on campus over the summer is daunting. 

Part of staying on campus is the opportunity for federal work-studies. Different offices on campus have job openings for fall and summer semesters. All of these opportunities can be found and applied for through the Lion Jobs program on UNA’s website. The program requires a submitted resume and cover letter for review before it can be used to apply. Letters of recommendation may also be required. 

Summer Federal Work-Study Positions:

– Success/Career Center Student Worker (8.50/hr; Microsoft Excel; Freshman-Junior; any major)

– Housing & Residence Life student worker (8.50/hr; Microsoft Office; Sophomore, Junior; any major)

– Student Coordinator Database Services- Gifts and Records (8.50/hr; Microsoft Office; all class levels; any major)

– Student Coordinator Database Services- Reports and Data (8.50/hr; Adobe and Microsoft Office; any level; College of Business, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems)

– Student Assistant- President’s Office (8.50/hr; clerical skills; Freshman/Sophomore; any major)

– Student Financial Aid- Student Administrative Assistant (8.50/hr; data and clerical skills; Freshman/Sophomore; any major)

– Human Resources Administrative assistant (8.50-10/hr based on experience; administrative skills; Sophomore and up; College of Business/Professional Management)

Living on campus over the summer is also a frightening unknown. If a first-time student plans to live on campus for either of the summer terms, Housing and Residence Life will assign a room and roommate. If the student stays into the fall term there is the option to stay in the same room from the summer term. 

“It was fun because you knew the people you were in class with, and they were the only people you knew,” said Alondra Vargas-Ramirez, freshman and member of the Presidential Mentors Society. “It was definitely a shock coming back to campus, though.” 

Receiving financial aid for classes in the summer has become easier than in the past. If a student who is currently enrolled is looking for financial assistance for the summer, the Office of Student Financial Aid will award what is left over from federal grants and other scholarships. 

“Summer financial aid for all students who are registered for summer and have a FAFSA on file is rewarded the remaining eligibility for the upcoming term,” said Shauna James, Student Financial Aid Director.

For any questions about financial aid for the summer or fall terms, contact UNA’s Office of Student Financial Aid at [email protected]. 

The most exciting part of summer at UNA is the SOAR program. The Student Orientation And Registration program is intended for incoming students to make connections and relationships on campus during the summer before the fall term starts. The 2023 SOAR program will consist of five sessions in June and July, with each day’s session taking place from 8:15 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

SOAR is also a great opportunity for parents of incoming students to learn about UNA and the safety and well-being help that the university offers. The times for both the student and family orientations are the same. 

“Our goal was to get them to them to do everything that they need to do in order to be successful when they come here as a student, but also let the form relationships with their counselors, faculty, and other students coming in,” said Mary Harber, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Orientation.

Harber is over the planning and implementation of orientation. This year, the program had to make changes to the structure of SOAR. In the past, the SOAR program had the option for two-day sessions, too. This changed for the upcoming summer due to parent and student surveys taken in the past. These changes were made with out-of-state travelers in mind. 

The program has received some push-back from students and past counselors who say the two-day program gave students a better opportunity to get a feel for the campus, as well as the fact that this decision removes the silent disco event from the schedule. 

“We got some feedback from student surveys that said students preferred not to stay the night, due to far travel distances and such,” said Harber. “We are just trying to be more inclusive to those students, whose needs are always changing.”

All information about SOAR can be found on UNA’s website. For any further questions, contact Ms. Mary Harber at [email protected] or Brody Sutherland, Student Orientation graduate assistant, at [email protected].