Culinary and Art departments collaborate for beer challenge

Emma Tanner, Managing Editor

Wildwood Tavern collaborated with UNA to hold the 2023 UNA Brew Challenge on Apr. 20. Students from the Culinary Arts department’s Beer, Wine and Spirits class worked with students from Mr. Leonardos de Souza’s Digital Media II class.

The three available beverages were brewed at Florence’s Singin’ River Brewing Co. Peach Plz was a cream ale, For The Gales was a hibiscus mango American golden ale and Wake Up Call was a cinnamon milk stout. They were exclusively available on Apr. 20. 

Patrons were given the chance to try and rate the beers on taste, mouthfeel and aroma. Rating cards were also made by a UNA student.

According to Wildwood Tavern’s general manager, Zack Kimbrough, Wake Up Call “seemed to be the crowd favorite and mine as well.”

Abbi Schroeder is in the graphic design class. Her design was chosen to represent For The Gales. Students competed with each other and one student per brew was chosen to have their work represent it. Will Ivey’s design was used for Wake Up Call and another student named Melody won the Peach Plz design. Ella Scott’s design for posters, coasters and rating cards were used at the event. 

“It was very rewarding work,” Schroeder said. “Just to have feedback from other people who don’t really know what to look for design wise, to hear feedback from that [was great].”

Wildwood Tavern seemed to have good reception to the event.

“I am very happy with the turnout that we had and as an alumni, I look forward to doing more events with UNA’s programs in the future,” said Kimbrough.