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Every day you are new


Every day you wake up and you are different than you were yesterday. No matter what horrors of young adulthood you endured, you sleep and wake up and you are new. There is no law saying you must remember what happened, there is no law that says you must think of what will happen. Just exist. 

Recently I have adopted this mindset that I will not regret what I have done or fear what I will do. Life is about self-fulfillment and I will do what is right for me. Right now, what is right for me is just to have a good day. Today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future I will have a good day. 

If I don’t, no worries, I sleep and I will have another good day. 

Good is subjective to everyone individually. I don’t mean to sound all philosophical or anything but this is how everyone should live. Do what makes you feel good. Lay in the grass in the middle of campus, who cares, we live on a floating rock. In the face of adversity — in many of our cases that means mental illness — we must survive. Despite the horrors, despite the rough patches, despite our mean little minds. 

Now I’m not saying that wreaking havoc on the world is the answer, but we should do the things that scare us or we think we will be embarrassed about. If you want to lie down all day, get a blanket and lie down outside all day. If the benches outside aren’t comfy, sit in the grass. Laugh so loud and be so passionate about what you care about. Everything you do simultaneously matters and does not. 

The paradoxical nature of human nature is too much to worry about. Everything we do does not matter because — again — we literally live on a piece of earth circling a huge ball of fire and you are just one person. Everything we do matters because it’s us that’s doing it! We make a difference. People remember your laugh and will think of your kindness, it’s important to remember that. 

Back to my goal in life, I succeed in having a good day by being a good person. I smile at everyone and I say hi, because it makes me feel good to make others feel good. This is not to say everyone has to be sunshine and rainbows and smile at the world, but kindness exists in many different facets of life. You just have to find what branch works for you. 

Every morning you have the option to get up and make the day as amazing as you want it. Live without fear of cringe and your days will be so much brighter. Nine times out of ten people will enjoy the cringe. Adopting this change will not happen overnight. There is this culture that exists that’s to be nonvulnerable and hide the things that we love. Why in the world would we do that?

To love is to live. Having wrinkles is to show that you express emotions and you exist! To be so full of love is a blessing, it is okay and perfect to feel everything the way it’s meant to be felt. You are not weak or weird for appreciating the little things! Living this way is such a breath of fresh air and in the face of the change in the seasons I am using my love as a weapon against everything that threatens to make my heart cold. Always have the courage to love just one more time!

This is just an appreciation of life and the world that I live in and the people I am so proud to call my friends. Every day I wake up and I am new!

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Trenedy Parks
Trenedy Parks, Managing Editor
Trenedy Parks is a junior from Fayetteville, Tennessee. She is working towards a bachelor’s degree in journalism and digital media and a minor in human resources. She started as a staff writer for a year, News Editor for a year, and has been the managing editor since May 2024. Trenedy hopes to give the faculty, staff, and students of UNA news they can trust.

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