Softball player makes waves in Gulf South Conference

Sophomore Megan Garst, a transfer from Shelton State, is leaving her mark for North Alabama on the softball field.

Garst earned the Gulf South Conference Pitcher of the Week award  two weeks in a row in March. She currently has a 12-2 record with the Lions and a total of 92 strikeouts this season.

“She’s been consistent all year long for us, and (all of) our big games we’ve played, Meg’s been on the mound,” said Head Softball Coach Ashley Cozart. “She gives our hitting and defense confidence when she’s throwing because we know she’s going to get the job done.”

Garst is from Columbiana, a small town southeast of Birmingham. She graduated from Cornerstone Christian School and began playing softball at the age of 4.

“Amanda, my sister, is 8 years-older than me, and when my family and I went to her games, I would always get frustrated watching her play because I wanted to be on the field with her,” Garst said. “But I was too young to play, so my dad had to go before the softball league board, and he got me on a 6U team just before I turned four.”

Garst said she immediately loved the sport. She started pitching because she was the only one on her team that could throw consistently across the plate.  

“I love the competition and being a part of a team with great players and meeting lifelong friends,” Garst said.

Cozart said Garst’s personality stands out.  

“She’s real goofy and sweet and genuine, but you get her on the mound and she has this confidence about herself,” Cozart said. “She’s a go-getter and she has a drive about her that I really love. She can kind of be goofy and funny, but when she gets on the mound she’s not going to let anyone beat her.”  

Her teammate, freshman Micalyn White, adds to the praise.

“Megan Garst is a team player,” White said. “She’s a clutch pitcher who stays calm when things get tough. She’s a player who can overcome tight games, and is a selfless teammate. She’s an all around great person as well as hard worker.”

Although Garst had several offers from other schools, she said she did not like the other campuses and locations.

“After visiting many schools, I was sold on UNA because I just love it here and knew this is where I wanted to be for the next few years or so,” Garst said.  

Cozart said Garst is very athletic for a pitcher.  

“The kid can spin the ball better than any pitcher I think I’ve ever had,” Cozart said. “She mixes speed, and she’s a great pitcher. She really has been a difference maker for our program this year.”