UNA associate sports information director wins award

UNA’s associate sports information director Shane Herrmann is the recipient of the 2018 College Sports Information Directors of America Achievement Award. He was awarded this in recognition of his performance as an associate sports information director.

Herrmann is tasked with promoting and publicizing information related to the athletics department. He works with Jeff Hodges, UNA’s assistant athletic director for communications, and CoSIDA Board of Directors member.

“Any other members of CoSIDA can nominate people for awards,” Hodges said. “I nominated Shane for this award. It’s basically an assistance award for someone that hasn’t been the head of a department but has been an assistant for more than 10 years and done an exemplary job, and I certainly think he fills that role.”

Herrmann was notified Feb. 27 and will be receiving his award in person during a free trip to Washington D.C. for the annual convention in June. Shane was selected out of all the nation’s associate sports program information directors in the College Division, with LSU’s Kent Lowe receiving the University Division award.

“I think I’ve been nominated a bunch of times, but there’s been a bunch of other really good assistant nominees out there,” Herrmann said. “And they get their time, but I guess now is my time. In the requirements, 10 years to be eligible, and it’s kind of rare because a lot of people in this field don’t stay assistants for long. They’ll be an assistant for a while and see a head job open up and they’ll move on.”

With UNA moving to Division I sports, this was Herrmann’s last chance to win this particular award. The requirements are 10 years as an assistant, and this is Herrmann’s 14th year in College Division. Once UNA is officially moved to Division I, his clock will be reset.

Herrmann and his wife are from the Shoals area, with their children currently enrolled in school. They view the area as their home and have plans to stay indefinitely.

During his time at UNA, Herrmann has pushed to involve UNA students and staff in the Alabama Sports Writers Association, helped host NCAA tournaments and produced award-winning publications such as a team’s media guide. These accolades and his daily responsibilities of being the primary media contact for the Lions’ volleyball, softball, men’s and women’s basketball, tennis and even football team.

“When it comes to the work, he is very focused and wants to do the best job possible to make things easier on everyone else,” said senior Rebekah Benson. “Outside of work, his personality is very easy to get along with. I’ve worked there the past six years and would gladly work there longer if I could.”