Behind the scenes with royalty

Junior Haley Gilbertson stands as the 2018 Miss UNA. She will compete for the title of Miss Alabama June 6-9 at Samford University.

The title of Miss UNA comes with many responsibilities, but Haley Gilbertson said she is excited to tackle all the job entails.

Gilbertson is a junior majoring in English literature with a minor in professional writing.

Junior Rachel Shockey said Gilbertson is one of the most determined people she has met.

Shockey said she knew she and Gilbertson would be life-long friends because of how loyal and kind-hearted she is.

“Anyone who knows Haley Gilbertson would agree that she is an absolute treasure because of the way she loves and supports those around her,” Shockey said.

Gilbertson currently works at the UNA Writing Center and teaches dance. In the past, she was involved in multiple extra-curricular activities, such as being a member of the dance team and serving on the University Program Council branch of the Student Government Association.

Gilbertson said she became involved with the Miss UNA pageant her freshman year at UNA because of her love of dancing and performing.

As Miss UNA, her platform is “Live your best life with diabetes,” a cause which raises awareness for diabetic prevention.

Gilbertson said she chose this platform because her mother recently discovered she has type two diabetes.

Junior Lila Walker said Gilbertson has a personality which makes it difficult to be sad or bored around her.

Walker said Gilbertson is full of energy and always tries to make everyone smile.

“She’s always looking at the bright side, the silver lining,” Walker said. “She is a glass half full kind of gal, and everyone knows it.”

Shockey said one of her favorite memories is a trip she took with Gilbertson to Nashville because of the fun they had exploring the city and the company they provided each other.

Shockey and Walker said any trip taken with Gilbertson is full of laughter and fun memories.

Hannah Gilbertson, Haley Gilbertson’s sister, said her sister is wise beyond her years and gives great advice.

“What’s unique about Haley is that she is more beautiful on the inside than on the outside, which is pretty unbelievable,” Hannah Gilbertson said. “She has the most whimsical beautiful personality and such a giving heart.”

Hannah Gilbertson said her and her sister would stay up late on school nights to give each other makeovers and try new hairstyles. Her sister even did her makeup when she won Miss Arab High School.

“She is always laughing and keeps others smiling,” Hannah Gilbertson said. “Her faith is strong and radiates God’s light in everything she does with beauty and grace.”

Haley Gilbertson will compete for the title of Miss Alabama June 6-9 at Samford University.