Fire alarms sound on campus

Amidst the chaos of finals, students experienced a 30 minute panic as fire alarms rang through the Guillott University Center Dec. 11 around 11:30 a.m.

Executive Director of Student Affairs Auxiliary Programs Bret Jennings said a ballast in a light sparked above the mailroom in the GUC. A ballast is what controls the amount of current passing through an electrical wire.

Jennings said five workers in the mailroom noticed smoke coming from the ceiling and called 911. He said there was no active fire to his knowledge.

Word spread of the smoke, and workers evacuated people from the GUC. This incident did not cause any harm to anyone, Jennings said.

After fire fighters determined the area was safe, they allowed the GUC to open and commence business as usual.

Workers are currently evaluating the electrical wiring around the mailroom and re-setting the fire alarms. The mailroom is closed momentarily to allow inspectors to check the area.

Jennings said the spark did not cause any damage, but the university will have to replace the wiring around the area.

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