Veterans Affairs specialist accomplishes goals

President of Veterans’ Affairs Ryan Newton (left) and Michelle Daily, Veterans Affairs specialist, pose in front of their office’s awards. In her two years at UNA, Dailey turned UNA into a military friendly university and added a dedicated space for veterans.

When Michelle Dailey became the Veterans Affairs specialist in August 2015, she said she had big dreams for the program. Less than two years later, most of those dreams are a reality.

Executive Director of Student Affairs Bret Jennings said when Dailey started, the program resided in a small area and did not have many active members. Veterans Affairs currently serves more than 300 students.

Now, students can find the Office of Veterans Affairs in a large area on the second floor of the Guillott University Center houses. This area is equipped with a lounge and study spaces for students.

Sophomore Sebastian Motley said Dailey is responsible for a lot of growth in the program.

“To be honest, I don’t think we would be where we are today without her contributions,” Motley said. “She is hardworking, dedicated and very caring. She is willing to help where she can.”

Motley said since Dailey came to UNA, more individuals joined the program and there are more activities for members.

Dailey said she tries her best to make every member feel like they have a place.

Dailey also took on the task of turning UNA into a military friendly college. Her recent project is pushing for freshman veteran parking on campus and allowing military credits to transfer.

“We are proud of where we are, but we are still growing,” Dailey said. “Basically, we want to make sure that we are able to check all of the boxes (of requirements to be classified as a military friendly university).”

Sophomore Harley Miller said Dailey is a pleasant person to talk to about anything happening in life.

“She is a valued resource among the Veteran Alliance at the university,” Miller said.

Dailey said she is proud of the accomplishments at her time at UNA. She said if she were to leave UNA today, she would feel like she left her legacy.