Juniors work behind the scenes of SGA

Pro-Tempore of Senate Blake Polson (right) and Pro-Tempore of University Program Council Becca Bush(left) work on a project together. Both leaders of the Student Government Association plan events for the group.

While they may not be front and center in the Student Government Association, two juniors work behind the scenes to ensure every event runs smoothly.

Becca Bush serves as Pro-Tempore of the University Program Council. She said she is thankful for the roles she plays on campus.

“It has taught me endless leadership skills,” Bush said. “This position has given me the amazing opportunity to truly serve our university and my fellow students.”

Freshman Danielle Lund said Bush is a kind and helpful person.

“I worked with her for step show, and she was more than accommodating when I had questions and needed help with my job,” Lund said.

Junior Nikki Matthews said Bush is involved in many different activities on campus.

“She’s caring, loving, hardworking and many other great qualities,” Matthews said. “I have worked with her for the last three years and I would not change it for the world. She always gets the job done, no matter what she must do. She’s so hardworking. She’s tough, yet sensible.”

SGA would not be the same without her, Matthews said.

Assistant Director, Leadership & Volunteerism Bethany Green said Bush is one of the most diligent, hard-working students that she knows.

“She doesn’t shy away from challenging herself to be the best woman she can be, and I admire her for that,” Green said. “Her willingness to be proactive is one of my favorite things about her, and I can honestly say that I have learned so much from Becca through her openness to others and genuine kindness.”

Sophomore Sarah Hand said she worked security with Bush at the spring concert and had a “crazy” security situation arise.

“Bush handled it calmly and joyfully like she does with everything else,” Hand said. “She is one of the busiest people I know, but, whenever someone asks her to do a task, she does it and gives it all she has.”

Bush is majoring in human environmental science with a concentration in child development and a minor in family studies.

“My goals after college are to obtain a master’s degree in child life and go on to become a Certified Child Life Specialist to help children cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury and treatment,” Bush said. “Serving as a Consultant in the Office of Student Engagement has given me a wonderful opportunity to be able to work with numerous organizations on an administrative level.”

Although senate may not have as many events as UPC, Senate Pro- Tempore Blake Polson works to ensure projects such as the SGA Angel Tree have success.

Polson serves in his fraternity, SGA and as a Student Orientation, Advising and Registration counselor.

Junior Luke Huckaba said Polson represents leadership.

“Blake always gives 110 percent when he is leading an event,” Huckaba said. “He is a strong leader, and we all know he will get the job done.”

Polson said none of his accomplishments would have been possible without the faculty and staff of UNA and his colleagues.

“Hugo Dante is really the first person that got me involved with campus activities,” Polson said. “Along with the constant encouragement from Justin ‘Bishop’ Alexander. I think very highly of both individuals.”

Admissions Counselor Bishop Alexander said he is Polson’s campus adviser and mentor.

“It has been a blessing to see him evolve into a great student leader with a bright future ahead of him,” Alexander said. “I serve as campus advisor to the IFC Greek organization that he is currently a member of (Kappa Sigma).”

Polson represents his fraternity for multiple events, such as the Long Lewis Drive-One event, faculty and staff luncheon and Puppy Palooza

“Polson is great at planning campus wide events and tries to make sure everyone involved in the planning process has a voice and role,” Alexander said.

Polson has a very bright future, Alexander said.

“Like so many talented students on campus, Blake reflects love of the University in all that he does,” Alexander said. “I am truly proud of him.”