Giving Day donations surpass expectations

The second annual UNA Giving Day saw success when the university experienced a 176 percent increase compared to last year’s giving day.

UNA Giving Day is a 24-hour period where the university encourages donations to various university causes. This year’s Giving day took place Nov. 28.

Coordinator for Annual Giving Elizabeth Tyson said student efforts of promoting the day was effective in getting alumni and friends to donate.

“Our marketing department did an excellent job of focusing their efforts into a strong social media push including an announcement video created by student, Tanner Lynn, which generated additional excitement,” Tyson said.

There were 373 gifts and the university raised $115,602. The $115,602.22 raised went to various designations.

Student Government Association raised $1,410 for the Endowed Scholarship. Freshman Forum partnered with the UNA Foundation and raised $4,445 for the Friends of the Lions fund.

UNA had a total of 72 first-time donors participate in UNA Giving Day.

Last year’s UNA Giving Day raised $41,868 through 224 gifts. Most of the money went toward current use funds in the UNA Foundation.

UNA has already received calls from other universities commenting on UNA’s success and asking for advice, Tyson said.

“I think it really helped that with it being our second giving day, people were already looking forward to the event,” Tyson said. “Alumni Director, Haley Brink, hosted our first Giving Day in 2016. She really paved the way for the success this year.”