Students can expect increase in study abroad scholarship

Ross Alexander, vice president of Academic Affairs and Provost, said he wanted to increase globalization when he came to UNA. Three months later, Alexander moves in this direction.

The university will increase the scholarship for study abroad trips from $800 to $1,600 effective immediately.

He said he hopes to eventually increase this scholarship even more.

Alexander said he believes in the value of studying abroad because of the lessons it can teach.

He never studied abroad as a student, but he wishes he had because of the lessons traveling internationally taught him as an adult.

Alexander said employers want those they hire to have a diverse background, and a study abroad allows students the opportunity to become well-rounded.

This scholarship applies for study abroad or study away, which are similar to study abroads but in the U.S.

Sophomore Spencer Finch said the increase in scholarships will allow students who normally would not be financially able a chance to study abroad.

“People should have more of a chance to study abroad,” Finch said. “This is a great thing all around.”

These scholarships are available for semester study abroads or study abroad trips over the summer, which are the most common trips UNA offers, Alexander said.

Freshman Shannon O’Neill said study abroad allows learning opportunities for a lot of majors by allowing students to experience how things are done in a different country.

“I’m a theatre major, so if I study abroad and study accents and culture and stuff, it allows me the chance to benefit my major,” O’Neill said.