Five uncovered secrets about twin students

Sophomore twins Josh and Jake Williams are well-known on campus, serving as Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) counselors, Student Government Association members and hosts of The Josh and Jake Show.

However, like everyone else, they have interesting secrets about their lives. Here are five of them that The Flor-Ala was able to acquire.

1. Josh and Jake are ping pong champions.

The twins participate in ping pong tournaments at the Lions’ Den game room. Josh said he won the Spring Tournament last semester and Jake won the Fall Tournament in 2016.

“I actually won $40 at the game room,” Jake said.

Both brothers played tennis in high school. When they got to college and the university did not have an intramural tennis team, they learned how to play ping pong instead.

2. They want to be sports broadcasters after college.

The brothers said they would love to have a sports talk show after they obtain their communications degrees.

Jake said they are applying for internships with the NFL this summer.  

“We realize that staying together is highly unlikely, so we are just going to see how summer (internships) go,” Josh said.

3. The twins were “nerds” in high school.

The twins said they were both self-proclaimed nerds in high school. Josh said they loved Scholars Bowl, literature, environmental science and show choir in their younger years.

“We are nuts about literature,” Jake said. “We can tell you who wrote it and what it is about.”

The brothers also played musical instruments, with Jake going with drums and Josh choosing the bass guitar.

4. The brothers intentionally trick people about their identity.

The brothers said they have many matching outfits that they use to intentionally confuse people.

“If you talk to us, we answer to both names,” Josh said. “There (are) people that know (Jake), and they will come up to me and talk because they think I am him. I usually do not know who they are.”

Jake said they swapped places in the sixth grade, and their teacher did not notice until a classmate told on them.

5. They fight with each other, sometimes physically.

“We fight a lot,” Jake said. “We get in fist fights.”

The brothers said that they have done everything together since high school, but their different personalities cause arguments sometimes.

“Jake is the one who finds the comedic side of everything,” Josh said. “I am the person who stays on track.”

Even though the brothers do not always get along, they said they balance each other out.

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