Treasurer discusses non-traditional start

Although most students go through the traditional election process, this was not always the case for junior Nikki Matthews.

Last year’s Student Government Association President, Sarah Green appointed Matthews to office last fall. This means she did not have to go through the traditional election process the first time around.

Matthews said she needed one more accounting class to qualify for the treasurer position and had to take it the summer following the election.

The first election Matthews saw was for the 2017-18 school year. Past and present SGA members encouraged Matthews to keep her position on SGA executive council. Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes and other SGA friends encouraged her to run for the position when her first term ended.

“I already knew the way things were run, so I decided to resume my position as treasurer,” Matthews said.

After Matthews graduates, she said she would like to work for a university or school board institution.

Evan Thornton, vice president for Business and Financial Affairs, is in the position at UNA Matthews dreams of holding one day.

“This position at a university is in charge of all of the money or financial decisions of the university,” Matthews said.

Matthews’ job on SGA is to keep track of all funding and spending of SGA. SGA receives its money from the student activity fee.

It is Matthews job to make sure the students’ money is spent wisely.

Matthews said she believes her treasurer position on SGA will prepare her for the position at an institution like UNA.

Junior Brianna Walker said Matthews is one of the most dedicated, hardworking individuals she has met.

“Watching her grow, get involved and truly work for the students ever since our freshman forum has been amazing,” Walker said. “Anyone can tell how much she loves our university just by talking to her for a few minutes.”

Sophomore Ruth Ann Bates said Matthews is an amazing person who people enjoy being near.

“She is very dependable and just a great person to have as a friend,” Bates said.

Bates said she is friends with Matthews outside of SGA.

“She is always happy and has a positive outlook on life,” Bates said, “Always smiling, her positivity radiates when she walks in a room.”