SGA President position in jeopardy due to test score

Student Government Association President Hugo Dante faces repercussions for under performance on the Code of Laws test SGA members must take.

Dante is temporarily removed from his position after missing the grade by one point.

Even though Dante did not score high enough, he said he supports the idea that executives should have to make a 90 or above.

“I believe it is of the utmost importance to ensure that our officers are held to higher standards,” Dante said.

He can appeal to the Senate members to retake the test, according to SGA Rules and Regulations.

“With two-thirds approval of the Senate, he can be allowed to retake the test,” said Vice President of Senate Jason Sparks.

SGA Rules and Regulations Chair Seth Gipson said Dante must appeal to Senate Oct. 5 unless there is a special meeting or there is an official challenge involving the judicial branch.

Sparks said if for any reason the SGA president is not available to fulfill his duties, Vice President of Senate will assume the role as SGA president until a special election can be held.

Dante said even though he is not technically president right now, he will continue to perform his duties.

“I am committed to following through with the duties to which I have been elected, (and) I will continue to serve and fulfill all of the commitments that I have made to (SGA),” he said.

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