Sophomore to release second country EP

Sophomore Tiera Leftwich performs at Centennial Park in Nashville, Tn., as part of the Musicians Corner music series. Leftwich is planning to release her second country EP later this year.

With a debut EP in high school and a second set for release later this year, sophomore Tiera Leftwich is no stranger to the music industry.

Leftwich, whose stage name is “Tiera,” said her new country EP is different than the previous one, “Tiera Acoustic EP,” which she released during her freshman year of high school.

“My writing has definitely gotten better since my first EP,” she said. “The songs on my last EP were some of the first songs I’ve written, and I was in a very different place in my life then. So, the songs on the new EP are definitely different.”

Another difference is having both a full band and a recording studio to help her record the new release. With her first EP, she recorded her music in a closet at her house.

She said between the releases of her two EPs, she has been writing more, even getting to collaborate with Noah Shell, a writer and producer at FAME Studios.

Before coming to UNA, along with the release of her first EP, Leftwich already had some musical experience. During the summer before she began high school, she began performing around town and soon started a YouTube channel to perform cover songs, which she still operates today.

Mane Room manager Alex Wittscheck, who was Leftwich’s adviser in her freshman year, said she is doing well by involving herself in her career before coming to UNA.

“In my experience, people that come into their college career pursuing things that they want to accomplish already are the ones that are here to learn and really move forward,” he said.

Leftwich said one of her favorite parts about being a singer-songwriter is hearing people sing her songs and the impact they have had on them.

“I think in writing songs sometimes, I can only see it from my perspective, but then, when I release it, I get to hear other people’s stories,” she said.

Robert Garfrerick, chair of the department of entertainment industry, said he has seen Leftwich perform before and thinks of her as a talented, hard-working and professional artist.

Sophomore Mattie Stembridge said she met Leftwich in a music class around a year ago and has become a fan of her music after hearing her perform many times.

“Her stage presence is great,” she said. “Her songs are well-written and catchy, complete with her pure, strong and twangy voice. I think she’ll go far in the world of entertainment.”

“She knows what she wants to do,” he said. “She is focused, and she shows maturity beyond her years.”

Leftwich said she believes her fans will love the new EP.

“I’ve been writing for this EP ever since I finished the last song for my last EP,” she said. “(It) is definitely a step up from the last one.”

The new EP will be available through multiple online outlets, including Google Play, iHeartRadio and Apple Mmusic, and in hard copy at her concerts and website,