The man behind the lawsuit

Although many may only know David Dickerson as the former UNA marketing professor behind the Jane Doe vs. UNA lawsuit, there is more to Dickerson than this.

Dickerson was preparing for the Democratic Primary for the Maryland U.S. Senate seat in the summer of 2006 when cops arrested him July 22, according to The Washington Post.

His 19-year-old wife filed a case against him for second-degree rape, fourth-degree sexual offense and misdemeanor second-degree assault, as Jane Doe’s attorney Rodney Slusher confirmed.

Baltimore County prosecutors dropped all charges Aug. 11, 2006 after Baltimore Assistant State’s Attorney Stephen Roscher said Anna Dickerson’s statement had “inconsistencies.”

Dickerson joined the UNA College of Business in 2015 as a visiting professor of marketing and global business because of his “vast global experience” working to “spearhead business developments and research in emerging markets,” according to the September 2015 UNA Business Newsletter.

Dickerson also boasted credentials of a Masters of Administrative Science from The John Hopkins University in 1990 and his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 2002.

During his employment, Dickerson led a group of four students to a UNA sponsored Intern Sales Conference/ Competition in Orlando. At this event, Dickerson allegedly sexually assaulted Jane Doe.

Lawyers for Jane Doe filed a case against Aug. 9 claiming “sexual assault upon Plaintiff by a UNA professor and UNA’s deliberate indifference in response to the actions of the Professor in violation of Title IX.”

After the assault, Jane Doe learned Dickerson had a record of rape and assault prior to his employment at UNA, according to the lawsuit.

“UNA failed to properly investigate and failed to do a background search on Professor David Dickerson prior to offering him an employment contract,” according to the lawsuit.

It is UNA policy to perform a pre-employment background check of individuals before hiring. This includes a minimum of a criminal records search and verification of social security number. UNA contracts with an outside agency to perform background checks. This policy went into effect after the Board of Trustees approved it June 2007, according to

In UNA’s first official statement Aug.11, UNA claims it is unaware of any criminal charges against Dickerson.

“One of the privileges of our legal system is that courts are open to all citizens,” according to the first statement.

The public record of Dickerson’s 2006 case is not on file, according to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

After backlash from the first statement, UNA responded with a second statement Aug. 12 saying UNA responded appropriately when informed of the allegations against Dickerson.

“The University offers a fair, informed and compliant process that supports any student who experiences sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or any other form of sex or gender discrimination,”according to the second statement. “The University is proud of its record in promoting campus safety and will defend its good name vigorously in this litigation.”

After leaving UNA, Dickerson became the director of the International Business Program at MSU Denver. As of Aug. 15, the university no longer employs Dickerson.

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