Meet the 2017-18 SGA President

2017-18 SGA President Hugo Dante smiles for his campaign photos.

In the 2017 Student Government Association elections, 790 votes ensured Hugo Dante the opportunity to “Make the Shoals Roar” as the 2017-18 SGA president.

Dante is a native of the Shoals area. He said his experience in the Shoals inspired him to set career plans for UNA students out in the local Shoals businesses.

“While I have always had this incredible university in my backyard, I never truly felt connected and invested in UNA until I set foot on campus as a freshman,” Dante said.

Dante said he wants to use UNA’s already established relationships with community leaders to benefit both the university and community.

“We as students have more power than ever,” Dante said. “By utilizing the relationship that we can form with our local governments, the voice of the students will reach even further.”

Dante said he wants to see all areas of the Shoals embrace UNA. He hopes to see the Shoals area covered in purple and gold the same way larger universities embrace their colors.

“I have a vision in which no matter where someone might be in the Shoals, Purple and Gold reigns supreme and the roar of this university and community becomes inescapable,” Dante said.

Dante plans to livestream every SGA meeting he attends on Facebook, to ensure the students have an insight to what goes on in these government meetings.

Dante said he wants to see the international community at UNA flourish. He plans to sponsor events to encourage student growth culturally and academically.

Sophomore Sam Mashburn said he recognized Dante as a leader from his first Senate meeting.

“I firmly believe (Dante) will be able to accomplish this goal and unite the community around the university,” Mashburn said.

Many of Dante’s colleagues see dedication, inspiration and commitment in Dante, inside and outside of SGA.

Junior Jason Sparks has known Hugo since high school. Sparks said teachers and administrators always respected Dante.

In his junior year, Dante served as chairman of SGA Legislative Affairs. In this position, he organized events to bring community leaders together to discuss how UNA can play a bigger part in the area. Dante communicated with the Shoals Chamber of Commerce to allow UNA students a voice in local legislation.

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