Twin students’ music company signs production deal

John III and Jeremiah Moore perform at Bridge Street Mall July 2016. The brothers make up musical duo Moore4More, who recently signed a production deal with Grammy-winning producer Jaee Logan.
Grammy-winning producer Jaee Logan announced on Facebook April 1 that his production company, Software Sounds/Lounge Renown Records, signed with UNA seniors Jeremiah Moore and John Moore III earlier this year.
Making up the musical duo The Moore Twins, Jeremiah plays electric bass, while John focuses on the keyboard and B-3 (a multifunctional organ with two keyboards).
Logan met the twins through seasoned entertainment advertising professional Leon Burnette.
“(Jaee) took a chance on us,” John said. “We have a really good relationship with him.”
Logan made it possible for them to attend the 2017 National Association of Music Merchants Show in Anaheim, California. Attendance to the event is only possible for owners, employees, suppliers, guests or endorsed artists of member companies.
The twins describe their band as fusion, incorporating artists from different genres (including R&B, jazz and gospel) to mavoid limiting themselves to one type of music.
Despite having a love for music since they were young, John said when they took piano lessons as children, they did not take it seriously.
They eventually moved with their parents from their hometown of Chicago to Huntsville, Alabama, in August 2008. After starting a new church, the performances of the musicians helped reinvigorate their love for music, according to Jeremiah.
Originally wanting to play because of their like of music, an interest for performing grew when they began getting requests to perform, John said.
Moore4More Productions, LLC, began after their dad, John Moore Jr., a management professor at Athens State University and chemist for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, encouraged them to “make sure that we were legit” about wanting to be professional performers.
The Moores brought their music to a wider audience with the release of their first EP, “Bass-line & Keys,” in 2015.
They are planning the release of their yet-to-be-named debut album, which will feature vocalists and other session musicians alongside the twins, for this summer in both online and physical copies.
The Moores decided to attend UNA for its entertainment program. Walt Aldridge, visiting associate professor in the Department of Entertainment Industry, said he has known them since their freshman year as a teacher and advisor.
“(After hearing) their last EP, I thought they were well on their way.” Aldridge said. “My hopes for them are that they get to express whatever musical vision they have and have an opportunity for the world to get to hear it.”
Sophomore Malik Adams, who met the twins in the UNA Ascending Voices gospel choir, said they are “very cool (and) very laid back.”
“They listen to you (and) encourage whoever they’re around to do their best,” Adams said.
The twins said they are thankful for the support of students, fans, teachers and faculty, but especially their parents.
“There were times where we didn’t want to do music or wondered ‘Why are we doing this?’” John said. “(But our parents) kept us grounded and they’ve always been there to support us, even when we didn’t want to do it ourselves.”
Before graduating next semester, the twins plan on interning in Huntsville. After this, they have thought about saving up money to move to Nashville and, eventually, California.
“My wife, April, and I are very proud of our sons and amazed at how far both of them have grown not only musically, but also educationally,” Moore Jr. said.
Jeremiah said their love for music will always remain.
“If the music business didn’t pay really anything at all, I would still love to make music,” Jeremiah said.
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