Students fill Flowers Hall for Spring Concert

Jon Bellion serenades the crowd in Flowers Hall at the 2017 Spring Concert. Bellion was the opening act for the event.

UNA students and community members waited outside Flowers Hall for hours to get the best view at the 2017 Spring Concert April 29.

As students filed in the gym, DJ Keeks warmed the crowd up for the upcoming artists. 

Hip-hop artist Niykee Heaton performed next. The crowd screamed as she unzipped her coat to reveal her costume. She then proceeded to sing her song “Bad Intentions.” 

Heaton sang some of her newer songs including her single “Dream Team.” To end her performance, Heaton pulled a fan onstage to serenade her for her birthday.

Hip-hop artist Rob Stone was the next performer of the night.

The crowd’s volume drastically amplified as Stone sang his hit “Chill Bill.” 

Stone jumped off stage and junior Bella Martinez said she was up close and personal to him. 

“He literally jumped down, and I was holding him while he jumped around,” Martinez said.

The headline performer at the Spring Concert was pop artist Jon Bellion. As the audience waited for him to take the stage, they chanted his name.

Bellion sang the hit song, “All Time Low” and he also sang a song which has not been released yet called “Oceans.” 

Bellion said the Spring Concert is the best performance he has been to in a while.

Student Government Association is responsible for the Spring Concert, and a few members, including former SGA president Sarah Green, got to go onstage.

Freshman Sarah Dyer said she was glad she came to the concert.

“It’s definitely worth coming because the concert is free,” Dyer said. “The most entertaining part is watching the people in the crowd.”