7 fun McFarland Park activities

McFarland Park serves as a beloved hangout for many people in north Alabama, especially UNA students.

After tallying the votes, McFarland Park took the lead for readers’ favorite park with 48.4 percent.

Deibert Park came in second place with 32.3 percent, and Cane Creek Canyon Preserve came in third with 11.3 percent.

There are many activities people can do at the park. Here are seven fun things to try at McFarland that make students come back for more.

1. Hammocking

This activity has become popular, especially with college students. With all of the trees at McFarland, there are many areas to tie a hammock and relax in the shade. The breeze from the river makes it even better. Bring your favorite book and you have the perfect lazy day.

2. Picnics

This activity will never go out of style. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice picnic along the river? Whether sitting on a blanket the old-fashioned way or on one of the many picnic tables along the river, it is sure to be a great time.

3. Swimming

Yes, there is a place to swim at McFarland Park, along with a beach area. Students can get their summer tan, and then hit the water when they get too hot.

4. Exercising

Many love to exercise in the presence of nature. No matter the workout you choose, McFarland is a scenic place to get fit.

5. Miami Ice

Students who haven’t been to Miami Ice are missing out on a sweet and inexpensive treat. Located near the park entrance, students can grab their favorite flavor and eat it on their way down to the river.

6. Fishing

Have a fishing license? Great. Students can grab their fishing pole and tackle box and head down to the bank. The river at McFarland is a popular place to fish.

7. River Bottom Grille

This restaurant is right on the river and is moderately priced. They provide a variety of seafood, sandwiches and other dishes. Also, the riverside view is amazing, especially at sunset.