Poll shows top professor

Director of Bands Lloyd Jones was “a little bit shocked and a whole lot honored” when he received the title of favorite professor in the Readers’ Choice issue.

“In the words of the great philosopher Clark Griswold, ‘If I (woke up) tomorrow with my (head) sewn to the (carpet), I wouldn’t be more surprised,” Jones said.

Since any professor could receive a nomination, there was no second and third place, as all other professors received similar numbers of votes.

Jones conducts the Pride of Dixie, the UNA Wind Ensemble, the UNA Symphonic Band and the UNA Studio Jazz Band, in addition to teaching some courses.

Junior Mia Adams, a member of the POD, said Jones expects a lot from them.

“He’ll push you to your breaking point,” she said. “But without music, I honestly don’t know who I am, so I don’t mind being pushed to my breaking point and (him) saying, ‘Now give 10 percent more.’

“Everyone is always saying how tough he is, but he also has a fun side. If you’re having a bad day, he knows how to make you laugh.”

He said he is proudest of the hardworking students he works with, especially in the POD, the largest organization on campus and that represents the university.

He has been the head director for 17 years and was an assistant director for two years before that, making 19 that he has been with UNA.