Board of trustees passes resolutions

The UNA board of trustees passed six resolutions April 21 at a special meeting.

Four of the resolutions passed regarded construction on campus. The remaining two passed will increase the rate of rent and meal plans students are used to paying.

The board of trustees rejected bids for the new Anderson College of Nursing building. The lowest bid the university received was over $20 million.

Acting Chief Financial Officer Evan Thornton said the university originally budgeted $13.5 million based on previous construction expenses. Designers will downsize the building to fit budget.

The board also authorized UNA to independently look for contractors to demolish Floyd Hall. The budget for the demolition of Floyd will not exceed $550 thousand.

The old Keystone Business Centre will move into phase two following the board’s approval at the meeting. Connie D. McKinney Department of Human Sciences, Hospitality and Design will receive up to $1.62 million for renovation.

Thornton said all money toward renovation will come from donors. The department already has $1.08 million from the McKinney family, which UNA named the department after.

Collier Library will receive a new roof over the summer. The board of trustees approved a budget of $600 thousand.

Assistant Vice President for Facilities Administration and Planning Michael Gautney said the state has already approved the plans for the new roof.

Gautney said he hopes the entire project will take eight weeks total.

Students living on campus will see an increase in rental rates due to a resolution the board of trustees passed.

Rates will increase 2.8 percent effective fall 2017. This will apply to all university residences, including campus apartments. 

Thornton said he has not heard student feedback yet, but rates are still competitive with comparable universities. The increase follows the model UNA proposed when the board of trustees approved the plans for the newest residence halls.

Students will also see an increase in their dining dollar fee effective fall 2017. The dining dollar fee will change from $135 to $150 for students to spend throughout the semester. The passed resolution will also change student meal plan rates.

Thornton said he negotiated with UNA Dining over raising students’ rates, but UNA Dining has the final decision over rates because it rents spaces from the university.

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