Poll reveals best study spot on campus

The Flor-Ala’s poll revealed students feel the best place to study on campus is Collier Library.

Over 53 percent of readers voted Collier as the best place to study. The residence halls and student’s home came in second place with 35.5 percent.

Here are five tips for surviving study sessions in Collier.

1. Bring food.

Nothing encourages the late-night cravings like a long study session. Instead of running to Chick-fil-A as an excuse to avoid studying, be sure to pack lots of snacks ahead of time. Food is allowed in Collier as long as it is away from the computers.

2. Be comfy, but not too comfy.

Comfort is key when it comes to a long study session, but be sure to avoid being too comfy. Sit in cozy chairs with blankets, but be sure not to allow the late hours to get the best. Nothing ruins a study session like the warmth of the sun through the window causing sleep to cut a study session short.

3. Take advantage of study rooms.

Study rooms are an easy way to get an area to spread out books and think. Most rooms have markers, dry-erase boards and projectors for working out problems. The library also offers larger study rooms for groups. Rooms are not soundproof, so be sure not to make too much noise. Students can reserve a study room at www.libcal.una.edu Rooms are reserved for 30 minute slots. Study rooms are available on all floors, except the basement. Students can reserve a room for two hours.

4. Use headphones to block out distractions.

The lowest floors allow group studying, but the upper floors are considered quiet floors. However, Collier is a public place, so distractions are inevitable. It is a good idea to bring headphones to help zone out any other noise or distraction. Music also helps break up the monotony of long study hours.

5. Prepare for anything.

Be sure to have plenty of pens, pencils and highlighters. If there is a chance of needing paper, bring it. Be sure to have a charger in case a laptop or phone dies. Think of anything someone may possibly need ahead of time to ensure readiness for anything studying has to offer. The library offers a printer, but a student has to use lion loot to use the printer.