Campus participates in Light the Fountain event

For the second year in a row, UNA students, faculty, staff and members of the community took part in the Light the Fountain event March 16 to celebrate the beginning of spring.

President Kenneth Kitts and his family, Vice President of Academic Affairs David Shields, Student Government Association President Sarah Green, former UNA head football Coach Bobby Wallace and his wife, Sharon, stood together to light the fountain.

Grace Williams, a University Program Council member, said around 250 students attended the event.

The event began with Shields asking everyone present to Tweet and post to Facebook and Instagram about the event.

Victoria Roose, Miss UNA 2017, announced performances by Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Mu. The two groups performed a synchronized step dance for the audience.

Sophomore Jessica Dews said she attended Light the Fountain last year and enjoyed it so much she came again.

“It was such a great experience getting to see the main attraction of our campus being lit up,” Dews said. “The fountain makes this place home to me. Being able to perform a snippet of Phi Mu’s step show just makes it that much better. It’s such an honor to be asked by Shields to perform.”

Students received raffle tickets for T-shirts and door prizes.

Freshman Evan Shelton said he was happy the event had a good turnout.

“I’m excited to see how much attention this event is getting and see how much the community cares about this great university,” Shelton said.