Court-ordered mediation ends property conflict

The conflict lasting nearly a month between UNA and the Florence Board of Education has come to a close following a court-ordered mediation March 16 and 17.

Representatives from UNA and Florence City Schools met to discuss the impact of the proposed new Florence Middle School on Braly Stadium, according to the press release from the UNA Executive Committee March 22.

During this meeting, UNA representatives focused on the Stadium Use Agreement concerning Braly Stadium, rather than the location of the middle school. UNA said the middle school is the responsibility of the Florence City Board of Education, according to the press release.

The two parties agreed on the terms in the Mediation Settlement Agreement March 17.

This agreement requires the approval of the UNA board of trustees and the Florence City School Board of Education, according to the press release.

The Agreement addresses UNA’s concerns with Braly Stadium, such as parking, pedestrian access and select modifications to the stadium, said UNA President Kenneth Kitts in the press release.

Kitts and the UNA board of trustees said the relationship between the university and Florence City Schools is a high priority. The two parties must continue to work together for the benefit of all students, Kitts said.

UNA gave Kitts the authority to take the steps necessary to comply with the agreement.

Kitts said he will work with officials from Florence City Schools to make changes to the Stadium Use Agreement.