SGA plans coffee stop for Collier Library

Student Government Association President Sarah Green is working alongside Cindy Conlon, Assistant Vice President for Business Services, to provide Collier Library with a coffee stop.

Green said the project is in the research stage, so there is not yet a timeline. Costs to students will depend on the machine choice.

Starbucks or a Keurig set-up are the two options, Green said. The Procurement Office is looking into which would be most efficient and successful.

Green said there could either be Starbucks equipment, an espresso machine with liquid pumps to allow flavoring or a Keurig set up.

For the Keurig, there would be a vending machine, which would dispense the choice of K-Cup for the student to place in the Keurig. Liquid pumps for flavoring are available for this option.

Green said the main concern would be the cleanliness of either option. There would need to be someone who would make sure the machines stay clean and maintained.

“Conlon and other university employees have been trying to locate the best spot for the machine to go,” she said.

The location must be near a water pipe for the machines to work properly, Green said.

Junior Kristen Rogers said she always drinks out of the water fountain by the printers on the main floor, and she hopes that is where the coffee stop will be.

Green said she encourages feedback on where students prefer the placement of the coffee stop, as well as which of the two choices they would rather have.

Junior Jessica Lenz said her preference would be Keurig.

“Students have their option on what coffee they would want,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Starbucks, but there might be some students who would prefer something else other than Starbucks. It gives the students more of a variety of coffee.”

Freshman Elicia Springer said she thinks Keurig is better because Starbucks is already on campus.

Senior Paige Drovillard said Keurig would be her choice between the two because it would give students the option of hot coffee.

“The Starbucks would be my preference, but I can see the Keurig option being easier to use,” said junior Allison Shull.

Sophomore Owen Edwards said the K-Cups are a cool idea, but he is concerned there would be a long line of students waiting on drinks to brew.

“I would prefer Keurig so that I could bring my own flavor of K-Cup,” said junior Becky Hushka. “Plus, if I wanted Starbucks, I could just walk to the Commons.”