Gift-giving that won’t empty the wallet

As Valentine’s Day approaches, so do the anxieties of buying that special someone the perfect gift. Undoubtedly, one of the hardest factors to overcome during the month of February is the college budget. 

While a five-star dinner and 14 karat gold jewelry may be out of the question, there are many ways to make the dollar stretch a little further without breaking the bank or taking out more loans during college. 

Here’s how to make the honey happy without overdraft fees.

1. Couples or friends could prepare a Valentine’s Day feast together. 

With the lack of kitchen space in the residence halls, the meal does not have to be anything fancy. A pot of Hamburger Helper or quesadillas would be the perfect meal for students on a budget. Just refrain from lighting candles. The resident adviser would probably appreciate not having to write citations during Valentine’s Day. 

2. Sweets are definitely popular during February. 

Instead of dropping a load of cash on a box of weird flavored chocolate with the orange filling (yes, that is a thing), buy a box of brownie or red velvet cake mix and create homemade sweet treats. Couples can bake together, making this the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day. 

3. Flowers do not have to be from an expensive florist. 

Depending on the type, the cost of a nice bouquet can range from $5 – $20 at Walmart. 

4. Try recreating a special date or memory.

If flowers and sweets are out of the question, This is thoughtful, and it shows a lot of creativity. Anyone would surely remember this adorable gesture. 

5. Have a romantic comedy movie marathon. 

Whether with friends or with a significant other, there will surely be tons of laughs and love to go around. 

6. A simple hand-written card, note or poem is sure to make anyone swoon. 

People love sentiments that are thoughtful and caring. This is a great chance to show someone love straight from the heart.

7. Bundle up and take a romantic stroll. 

It is no secret downtown Florence and UNAís campus lend the perfect amount of romantic lighting for a Valentine’s Day date. Grab his or her hand and start hiking.

8. Get creative. 

Craft a Valentine something special if with a hand-made trinket or project straight from the heart. The amount of time spent on the piece shows, and he or she will notice. 

While these sentiments are sweet, do not forget to show significant others some love every day of the year. Valentine’s Day is about love, not gifts.